Sheriff of Nottingham Concept (#2)

Sheriff of Nottingham

Description: The Sheriff of Nottingham calls in his trusted enforcers to control the enemy line.

Quote: “Well, greetings from your friendly neighborhood tax collector.”

Role: Control
Position: Front
Team: Yellow


Basic Attack: Swipes with his sword.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Entrance: Hums into the battlefield and rubs his hands together.

Victory: Bows down in victory.

Defeat: Trigger and Nutsy misfire startling the sheriff.


White Skill:
“Aarow Ricochet”
The Sheriff orders Trigger and Nutsy to fire at the enemy line. The arrow ricochets off all enemies dealing X Damage.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Green Skill:
“Aerial Check”
Trigger and Nutsy fly through the enemy line and studying all enemies for 9 seconds. The study has a chance to fail with enemies above level X.

Blue Skill:
“Belly Bump”
The Sheriff of Nottingham uses his rotund belly to bump the closest enemy, dealing X damage and knocking them back.
(Damage Type: Normal)

Purple Skill:
Sherrif of Nottingham gains 50 energy whenever an enemy is studied. The energy gain has a chance to fail if the Sheriff of Nottingham is above level X

Red Skill:
“Itchy Trigger Finger”
Enemies that were studied from Aerial Check also lose X armor for 13 seconds. Sheriff of Nottingham also gains X reality every time he crits.

  • +X Max Hp
  • +X Bonus damage on studied enemies
  • +X Reality

Scrooge Mcduck


Disk Name: “Property Tax”
Disk Effect: Immune to Stuns

Other Effects:
1. +X Health
2. +X Reality
3. Sheriff of Nottingham is immune to all stuns applied to allies are 75% less effective

Campaign: (The Sheriff of Nottingham in an attempt to steal from Scrooge Mcduck’s riches, lies to him about overdue taxes.)
Allies: Aladdin, Manticore, Launchpad

Basil of Baker Street


Disk Name: “Lessons in Laundering”
Disk Effect: “Aarow Ricochet now saps enemies”

Other Effects:

  1. X normal damage against sapped enemies
  2. X fantastic damage against sapped enemies
  3. Enemies lose 50 evasion when sapped
  4. Enemies lose 50 tenacity when sapped

Campaign: (Robin Hood appoints Basil to investigate the Sheriff of Nottingham, after a string of instances of “stolen” bank accounts.)
Allies: Robin Hood, Jumba, Dash


This, again, looks really good! I have a couple of suggestions:

For your Green Skill, a single-target Study, especially in today’s meta is a bit too weak. I might recommend changing it to “Studying enemies in an area” or something like that so that they get more out of the skill.

Your Green and Purple skills need “This has a chance to fail…” on them since they don’t have variables.

Also, a lot of their base kit is dependent on Studies, but neither of your damage-dealing skills do Normal Damage (which Study units use to crit). Just something to keep in mind.

Your Friendship Disks have decent effects on them, but you should also specify which effects are the ones that are upgraded whenever you add a star level to the disk (as opposed to its level) and how much of an upgrade each star provides.

But keep up the good work!


Do you mean Normal? You don’t have to specify damage type for Basic Attacks, since they’re assumed to be Normal damage unless otherwise stated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why does he have Study synergy when none of his skills deal Normal damage? The damage types feel random as well, normally heroes only have one in their skillset (exceptions being one Fantastic damage skill on damage roles sometimes, to take down brutes, and True being used for instant-kills or making Wasabi OP). :thinking:


@ Pawpsicle Oh wow. I completely forgot about that! lol. I just fixed it so that the white and blue skill do basic damage. Thank you so much for the insight!


You mean Normal Damage? Basic Damage is just a stat that affects how much damage characters do with their basic attacks (and some skills).


@Myeong Oooohhh… Ok. I understand now. Thank you so much for that!


What about the Star Level effect? That’s also crucial to a friendship disk. Does he Gain more study length? Armor Negation? Evasion?

And his disk with Basil is too similar to Hamm’s Scrooge disk. Maybe change it so that he deals more damage to sapped enemies???

And Basic Damage isn’t a type of damage, it’s a variable that effects Basic Attacks and certain skills. Normal Damage is what I assume you were going for.

Anyways, looks good so far!


Sorry to bother you but,

This concept was made long before the Sheriff was officially added to the game.


really? you really think so?


oh okay. i get it.

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