She's like a spider waiting for the kill(cruella de vil likely hero concept)

cruella de vil

A lover of fur, cruella de vil causes havoc on the battlefield by inhaling deeply in her smoke pipe.

Quote: miserable as usual.perfectly wrenched!

Role: damage

Stars: :star2::star2:

Position: front

Trial: yellow


Entrance: cruella walks into battle while smoking

Defeat: cruella begins to cough

Victory: cruella smokes

Basic attack: cruella slaps the enemy
tenor (44)


White skill: wicked woman

Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Cruella de vil will throw a bottle of gasoline at the enemies after a while that bottle will explode this deals x damage to all enemies and And stuns them for 8 seconds
cruella fireplace
This has a chance to fail against enemies above the level x.

Green skill: car chase

Fantastic damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave cruella de vil will drive across the screen with her car dealing x damage to enemies
tenor (45)

Blue skill: green smoke

Cruella de vil will smoke green smoke this deals x damage overtime to all enemies and scares them for 6 seconds
cruella white skill 2

Purple skill: fur lover

When cruella reaches 0% of her HP she begins to go crazy this increases cruella’s attack speed by x and heals her x.
tenor (46)

Red skill: get to it

When cruella de vil reaches 45% of her HP she uses fur lover before actually dying .

Additional stat boost

  • X max HP
  • X max basic damage
  • X max armor


Cruella de vil and yzma

Campaign: dog potion


  • X max skill power
  • X max damage to green smoke
  • Fur coat lover also makes cruella de vil invincible to damage for 5 seconds.

Allie’s: goofy, jumba, basil

Cruella de vil/ Dr Facilier

Campaign: fur coat deal


  • X max damage to car chase
  • X max damage to wicked woman
  • Green smoke now decreases all enemies attack speed by x and decreases there basic attack by x.

Allies: gonzo, simba and nala, sulley and boo

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