Shield Analysis


DISCLAIMER: I want to make it very clear that these numbers are just approximate values. The actual shield strength may more or less vary depending on other modifiers. If anyone has true calculations of a character’s shields’ full potential, please let me know through the comments and explain to me how the calculations work.

All calculations are based on stat values from this website.

Approximate values are determined within these circumstances:

  • Current max level cap (115)
  • Highest Promotion rank (Orange +5)
  • 6 Stars
  • No Badges were enhanced
  • No Mods applied
  • When a specific Friendship Disk is used for calculation, it will be mentioned.



  • Royal Flush: 74K (6 sec; all allies)


  • Healthcare Companion: 43K (15 sec; all allies)
  • Blast Off: 23K (12 sec; all allies)
  • “Happy Go Lucky” applied

Buzz Lightyear:

  • Anti-Gravity Cage: 69K (indefinite; single target)
  • “Grid Energy” applied


  • Another Castle: 28K (35 sec; all allies)

Chief Bogo:

  • Serve and Protect: 105K (5 sec; Bogo only)
  • “Vigilante Justice” applied


  • Cold Comfort: 56K (19 sec; Tank allies only)


  • Shield Directive: 59K (7 sec; two allies)
  • “It Takes Two” applied


  • Strike Rich: 155K (20 sec; single target)

Hiro Hamada:

  • Robot Mods: 11K (10 sec; Megabot only)

Kevin Flynn:

  • Data Shield: 101K (7 sec; single target)
  • “Sweet Glitch” applied


  • Oceanic Shield: 34K (6 sec; Moana only)
  • Day at the Beach: 23K (6 sec; single target)

Nick Wilde:

  • Street Art Shuffle: 100K (indefinite; front-most ally only)


  • Surge Protector: 44K-221K (20 sec; Quorra only)
  • Values based on 1-5 enemies hit by Light Cycle


  • Secure Squad: 38K (11 sec; all allies)
  • Force Field: 58K (11 sec; single target)
  • “Investigative Journalism” applied
Aurora Veil’s Master Collection

Shield shield shield and shield!

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It’s a really nice comparison. Shows how the heroes scale in the end game.

Dat tiny Megabot shield tho lol

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