Shiny! (Remake-cept)


2 star, frontline damage

“Well, Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam, I was a drab little crab once”

Tamatoa uses his giant claws and shiny shell to blind and crush any enemy in his way


Entrance: Tamatoa emerges from his shiny shell with a sinister grin

Victory: Tamatoa smiles while putting his two claws closely to his face while he turns himself bioluminescent

Defeat: Tamatoa flips onto his back and struggles to get back up

Basic attack: Tamatoa swings his claw at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Shiny!!

Passive: Tamatoa’s max HP is increased by X amount each wave that he is still in the battlefield.

Active: Tamatoa shell shines brightly for a brief time, blinding all enemies for 12 seconds, dealing X damage to each enemy and healing himself for X amount.

Green: claw crush

Tamatoa crushes the frontmost enemies with his claws, dealing X damage to each enemy and stunning them for 10 seconds.

This move deals X more damage and stuns for 5 more seconds if the target enemy is blinded by any source.

Blue: bioluminescent scare

When he reaches 40% of his max health, Tamatoa turns his whole body into bioluminescent then he gets shrouded in darkness with only his eyes and mouth showing while he shouts at the enemy team, scaring all enemies for 5 seconds and sapping all enemies.

Tamatoa then heals himself for X amount and gives himself a shield for X amount for 10 seconds that also blocks all disables from enemies until the shield is destroyed.

Purple: get the hook

All disables done to enemies now lasts 2 seconds longer for each debuff that is on the target enemy.

Red: never quite shiny

all blinds dealt to enemies now decreases their crit chance by 100% until the blind wears off.

“Shiny!!” Now cleanses two debuffs from each ally and heals them for the same amount.
+X damage to “claw crush”
+X skill power
+X armor


Steal the hook
Sapping decreases normal crit

All saps dealt to enemies now decreases normal crit by 30%

Tamatoa/Captain hook
Greedy gold
blinding slows enemies

All blinds dealt to enemies now slows their attack and movement speeds by 100% until the blind wears off.


I know one person who’s really going to like this remake-cept… :joy:


@Spark Be like:


I love this concept. But all I can say is…

@Spark rn:


I like how a bunch of people have liked my comment except for Spark themselves. :sweat_smile:

Edit: This comment is now irrelevant. :rofl:


I was summoned? Lol. Great concept! Now it’s your turn, PB


As much as i want Tomatoa in the game. It’s kinda unlikely because he just… well… enormous.

I discussed this in the lounge… I think this would be a reasonable size for him:

(I did not feel the need to edit him to look like he was in battle…)

Oh! Congrats on becoming a regular by the way.



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