Silly Symphonies! (Sort of an elimination game!)

I don’t know how this will work out, but here it goes! I’m Uncle_Blobfish and I’m a bit new here, but had a great Idea! What if characters had their own songs attached to them? I don’t mean Disney songs, but everyday songs we hear on the radio or that are on your I-tunes/Spotify accounts!

For this first one I will post a character. We can have at most 25 responses to these characters and these responses will include a song that you think connects to this character and your opinion on why it does. After we have a certain amount of submissions I will take them and put them in the poll and you will vote for the one you think most relates to the character. ***You can not vote for yourself! As the thread grows the submission number will change as well, right now there is no submission number. You also may not pick a disney song unless you talk to the person who chose the character at that time…

Mad Hatter(Character): “Mad Hatter” Melanie Martinez (song)
Cybugs: “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. I chose this song because The Cybugs are naturally attracted to light and in the song Ellie makes it clear that these lights call to her, making them her weakness, just like the bugs.

Remeber Have Fun and post your music :musical_note:! Please keep it appropriate since some kids may see this and read the posts.

The first character for you to submit songs to: Rocketeer!

  1. @Lucas1999 ~ Stitch

Ooh I like this idea! The one issue I have is using the like system to determine the results, as not everyone will see all of the comments and therefore may skip some to vote on. A poll would probably be the best method.

“What Does the Fox Say?”

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But then I would have to collect everyones votes and put them in a poll. Maybe you should submit songs in DMs. :thinking:

A regular can make a wiki here so everyone can edit it and put the song they want, then you put all the songs in a poll. If you want I can make it.


I was wondering if you and Myeong would help me co-captain this thread before I made it. You are both so friendly, creative, and used to these forums. Almost everyone knows you and you are always willing to help those who don’t know. Would you like to?

I’m a bit busy so I’m not sure how much time I’d have a lot of time for organizing and overseeing stuff like this, but I’d still love to help however I can!

Yeah, I´m always happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: but maybe next week I´ll be busy since I´ll have exams.

Thanks, rightnow I just need to spread word of this, don’t know how though… I don’t want to get flagged for being off topic and advertising this, you know? Also I might miss days due to personal issues so having people to overlook it while I’m gone will be great. If you have anyone in mind I’m happy to take suggestions.

I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to promote a post. Not everyone is on right now, and people will likely see it whenever they do get on. Promoting yourself on other threads will probably only make things worse.

Yeah, I just tried, no good :(, but I guess I’ll just wait it out. Thank y’all!

Maybe when this thread isn´t from the top 15, just say something here so it´s again in the top.


Okay, thank you all for advice!

OMG I love this! I suggest renaming this though. Something like Disney Characters & Radio Songs


Yes! A great name referencing the Mickey Mouse short :slight_smile:

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Is this still ongoing? I might have missed something, how long does submissions last?

If we’re submitting from here, then I would choose Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man for Nick Wilde. It fits his laidback rebellious nature perfectly. And despite the fact that he’s with the ZPD now, he feels his old slick ways still.

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There is no submission ending yet, so post your songs, until we have enough/ to many please…

Angel- I put a spell on you
I do not know if I am doing this correctly, but Angel’s song should be I Put a spell on you

Unfortunately, you aren’t yet. If you read the main post there will be the character for the submissions, right now it Is Cheshire Cat, but You could do another one.

Also I love the angel choice… Have you heard the cover of that song by Cami Clune? If not it is really good and I would reccomend it…

I just know the lyrics to the song, and it fits Angels ability

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