Singing Sunflower



“There’s a zombie on your lawn…there’s a zombie on your lawn!”

The silly singing Sunflower shines bright, providing healing and energy to support her allies.

Stars: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Back
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Gets dropped off by Crazy Dave’s RV
Victory: Cheers for the team
Defeat: Looks sad as some petals drop

White Skill: Solar Beam (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: Like Scrooge, Sunflowers basic attacks leave 2 sun drops on the ground, for her to collect later.

Active: Sunflower absorbs all sun drops, healing allies X Hp and granting them 20 energy per sun drop that passes through them. She then unleashes a sunbeam, dealing X initial damage to enemies, X burning damage per sun drop collected for 6 seconds, and blinding them for .5 seconds per sun drop.

Green Skill: Jugger-Nut
Sunflower grants the weakest front most ally a shield that has X HP for 12 seconds. The shield also grants them X Armor, X Reality, 20 tentiacy and 20 evasion for the rest of the wave.

Blue Skill: Sunny Side Up (Normal Damage)
Sunflower releases a blast of sun drops, dealing X damage to frontline enemies, blinding them for 7 seconds, and dropping 6 sun drops.

Purple Skill: Stuffy Sundrop
Allies heal X Hp whenever they damage a blinded enemy.

Red Skill: Solar Power
Allies also gain X Skill Power and 10% attack and movement per sundrop collected.

Sunflower will prefer to target blinded enemies with her basic attack. If she damages a blinded enemy, they lose X reality.

Sunflower now blinds enemies for 4 seconds every 3 sun drops.

This effect is reduced against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
+X Damage to “Sunny Side Up”

Friendship Disks:

WALLE (167)
Going Green
Energy Equals Armor
+X Skill Power
• Allies gain XX% (+60 per star level) more armor for every 100 energy that they have. They retain 25% of this when they use their active.

Bo Peep (170)
Herbal Herd
Sundrop Damages
+XX% (+25 per star level) Improved Healing
• Sun drops constantly burn enemies, dealing X damage to enemies per Sundrop.
• “Solar Beam” deals XX% (+25% per star level) to the “Most Wanted” enemy.


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Is he from plants vs zombies or something?

Correct. She is from plants vs zombies.

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