Sisu Friendship Campaign Problem

So right here we have a skeleton enemy who can’t take fantastic damage. With both Sisu’s and Mushu’s only doing fantastic damage, and Sisu’s “attack” only healing, it’s up to Mushu’s basic attack.

Well, for some reason, he won’t stop doing his stupid green and blue skills. He never basic attacks. Because of this, I’m stuck here with no solutions.

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Interrupting his green with his white should make him basic attack once
Though you’ll probably need him a bit stronger than that


You’d think that, but it has to be really well timed or else he just switches to his blue skull before beginning the cycle again, not being interrupted again until his energy meter refills where you can get one basic attack out of him with luck.

You can do that or wait until they fix the Bug


With good timing, I was able to get two basic attacks out of Mushu; someone with perfect timing may be able to squeeze three out of him, but I wouldn’t bet on it. On server 2, with my Mushu at R8, level 240, and four fully-upgraded normal crit BD mods, I was barely able to continue past that skeleton and the one in Chapter 3.

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This issue will not be resolved in Tuesday’s patch as it has required more dev work than previously expected and why it will be in 3.6.1


This was my Mushu,

Had those mods on him plus Ge disk for extra basic damage. Only other thing I did which may or may not help was max level white and purple skills so he did extra damage to silenced enemies

You can also take this opportunity to work on the disk that Sisu actually wants, rather than the Mushu disk.

I want both. Even if I use the Mim disk most of the time, which I’m sure I will, there will be times I’ll find the Mushu disk useful.


  1. Wait
  2. Upgrade Mushu
  3. Do Fairy’s Madam Mim disk which does same thing.
  4. Forget because other disk is much better anyways.

Why don’t you just remove the skeletons?

The other fix is taking too long.


P0 Mushu woooow. Good luck.

Not 3.6.10 rather? I thought there´s meant to be a 3.6.10 after 3.6… or it is 3.6.01… wait, that hasn´t been used for eons now.

Just a typo, yes it’s 3.6.10


Still wonder why the dev team just… didn´t change the single Skeleton for something else.


That would be more work and then we would need to change it back once we fixed the actual issue.

Would you :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? Why?

Many battles in friendship campaigns always felt like a trashfest bottleneck. Challenge for the sake of being impossible.

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