Skeleton comedian(unlikely concept 1/10)

sans the skeleton


2 star, mid-line damage

“Turn around and shake my hand”


Entrance:he simply walks in

Victory:he puts both his hands up and winks

Defeat:he puts his hand over his chest and then he turns to dust

basic attacks

neutral:brings out a bottle of ketchup and squirts it at the nearest enemy which damages that enemy and blinds for 3 seconds

genocide:sans stabs the nearest enemy with a bone which damages that enemy for x amount


White:barrage of bones

passive:sans has 2 forms, “neutral” and “genocide” that change depending on how many of his allies gets defeated,in his"genocide" state, sans attacks and skills will be faster and more powerful.

Active:sans launches 4 bones at the enemies but the effects depend on what form sans is in

neutral:launches 4 bones at his enemies which travel slowly and deals x damage to enemies but has no other effects

genocide:does the same thing but the bones travel faster and now has a 60% chance to deal damage overtime to enemies for 5 seconds.

green:slide to the side/gaster blast

neutral: sans dodges a attack every 5.0 seconds and gains a small speed boost for 8 seconds

genocide:sans summons a gaster blaster and fires it at the enemies which deals x damage to them and also deals continuous damage to the enemies for 6 seconds

Blue:epic fail/slam down

neutral:if a attack misses a ally or the enemies attack gets dodged, sans will pull out his trombone and play it which increases allies dodge chance by 20%

genocide:sans grabs the most wanted enemy soul and slams that enemy down which deals x damage to that enemy and stuns for 4 seconds

purple:bad time

both of sans basic attacks now slows down enemies by 80% for 7 seconds.

red:get dunked on

sans slowly regains health when under 40% of his max health

“Barrage of bones” now has 2 more bones in the attack and deals fantastic damage when any ally gains a buff.


Sans/Mike wazowski
bad choices
immune to debuffs

sans is now immune to all debuffs when in his “genocide” form.

sans/jack skellington
Down to the bone
continuous damage now lowers armor

attacks that deal continous damage now continously lowers armor until the continous damage stops.


Nicely done.:clap:

Not bad. I will say the purple could be pretty op (compared to dorey and hank’s white which does something similar but in a more balanced way). Also I think that the neutral blue skill could be a passive skill since sans would rarely have time to attack against say a blind team. Overall pretty good though, good job.


I haven’t seen you in a long time

Yeah. I took a break from the game. I came back though since I have a lot of time on my hands.

Oh, nice

(Also good job Cap’n with the Concept)

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