So You Want to Bring Me Back

You may or may not have heard the news, but due to some craziness on the Forum Heroes thread, my soul has been torn into fragments. lol. If nothing is done soon, I will cease to exist. You must work to bring me back, but how?

Seven different characters have the clues you need. Once a character riddle is solved they will lead you to a location on the forums and learn what to do next. Where will each one take you? Will you solve all the clues before time runs out?

Your First Clue:
Things will get a little NUTS, but this computer science wiz and student always manages to save the day. - Squirrel Girl & Tippy Toe. Magical Item - Heart of Te Fiti

The 2nd Puzzle:
Once a student to a powerful space wizard, this character has seen and gone through so much and has had many adventures and we will see more of them soon. - Ahsoka Tano Magical Object - Core Memories

The Jedi Training Challenge:
All Padawan must be able to read and understand Jedi texts. Your test today is to see if you can find the answer to this riddle.

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Aopz johyhjaly dhz vujl hu lultf av Hozvrh, iba pz uvd h mypluk huk alhtlk bw dpao oly thuf aptlz.

Jvujlwaz myvt Shkf & aol Ayhtw, tvyl Thukhsvyphu huk Zahy Dhyz, Yhfh huk aol Shza Kyhnvu, huk h mld vaoly zbywypzlz dpss hyl jvtpun zvvu. Tvyl vm aolzl zwljphs jpwolyz thf il ylslhzlk pu aol mbabyl. Pm fvb hyl ylhkpun aopz, rllw pa h zljyla.

Your 3rd Challenge:
This emotion is the first, but sometimes they can be the worst. An emotion Imagineer likes to spread, but not like butter on bread. - Joy Magical Object - The Golden Flower

The character you were looking for was correct, but the villains pulled up a trick and took you down the wrong path. They did lead you in the right direction though, for a character from another musical is where you must go. The correct one must be discovered otherwise it could lead to more blunders. Vul vm tf mhcvypal johyhjalyz myvt aopz vul zovd.

The Over Halfway Point Challenge:
That last one was pretty challenging! As a reward for your hard work this one should be easy. It is 19;21;16;5;18;3;1;12;9;6;18;1;7;9;12;9;19;20;9;3;5;24;16;9;1;12;9;4;15;3;9;15;21;19 that you have made it this far! - Mary Poppins Magical Object - Enchanted Rose

Extra Special Bonus Reward:
Pm fvb hyl ylhkpun aopz, rllw aopz h zljyla. Yltltily tf zjylluwshf? Pm fvb kv, jvujlwaz myvt pa thf jvtl puav wshf. Ovd pz zvtlaopun P jhuuva zhf. P ruvd P hszv wyvtpzlk tvyl jvujlwa nbpklz mvy aolf zllt av olsw pu hss aol pumvythapvu aolf kv wyvcpkl.

Another Easy Challenge! Or is it?
Aopz johyhjaly pz huvaoly mhcvypal. Aolf ohcl xbpal h zavyf av alss mbss vm thnpj. Aoha pz hss fvb nla ypnoa uvd, iba aolyl thf il zvtlaopun aolyl aoha dhzu’a aolyl ilmvyl shaly. - Belle Magical Object - The Mind Stone

Maybe that was obvious. Maybe it was not. The something more you need is in another concept but which one? Here are two clues with two possibilities!

  • This character likes to tell stories and has a friendship with Belle
  • The concepts got quite a bit of attention for some reason

Almost There I Promise
This one here is quite memable. Sometimes they can be a mentor or father figure to those they meet. That does not really narrow down your search does it? Try guessing with this for now. Clues and ciphers to narrow it down will come I promise. - Obi Wan Kenobi Magical Object - None

Right franchise, maybe the wrong character. If you think you are right then go back to where it all began to see if you are right!

Another hint is needed I see. The character you seek is someone you guessed a while ago in a different challenge.

The location you need to go is quite a story that has moments or references to the same franchise Obi Wan is in. The story is based off of a few of the films and perhaps sequels will do the same. Once you find the thread, go to the section where a character like Obi Wan introduces themselves. Good luck!

Your final challenge will be to get the last magical object from the villain’s lair and unite the magical objects to bring me back and save the forums. This will be a time limited challenge and there is a chance of failure.

There is a thread on the forums where the villains lair entrance can be found. It was one that I could not protect from their evil clutches during the game and one I did not use. It can be quite helpful sometimes. Go there and decode the entrance puzzle to get inside. Then follow this thread closely to see what happens next.

Also totally unrelated thing… posting Pedro Pascal memes or anything relating to him is ok. I just want to play into this overly dramatic thing cause it is hilarious.

Please be patient with me with this. I am making this all up as I go.


Oooh! This looks cool. Though I haven’t read it yet completely… :sweat_smile::joy:

Hiro… hmm

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I was thinking either him or Wade (Idk if Imagineer will only be using in-game characters or not), but then I don’t know if "Things will get a little crazy… " means anything in particular.

Look at Hiro’s in-game quote :eyes:

It sorta means crazy

“We didn’t set out to be superheroes, etc”

That quote right?

Maleficent enters cackling

You forumers think you are so smart. Hmm? Fools.


Uh…I am confusion…


What happened?

Pretty sure Hiro is a genius of robotics, not computer science


Okay then… but who would- what about Kevin Flynn?

Wait, no, he doesn’t fit the superhero role

Whose Wade?

It has to be a superhero?

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The guy who helps Kim Possible by giving information

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Well… sorta


Is he a super hero?

Is he a hacker/ anything like that?

Do I need to know what went down in the forums heroes thing to figure this out?

um, yk, it might be female. Imagineer never specified the gender.

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I know you said before you hate DreamWorks. But hate is not the opposite of love. You have passion for it. That means a connection. One of DreamWorks’ characters, Kowalski is a genius. I think it’s Kowalski…:eyes:

Also, you made a Noted meme which is Kowalski. It has to be him.

I feel like somebody already figured this out though…

Yeah no, it’s definitely Hiro, but still, what if it was Kowalski, lol. She didn’t specify it was Disney.

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