Some rich old man (unlikely concept)

Mr. Burns


1 star, backline damage



Entrance: Mr. Burns enters the battlefield in his limo then he and Smithers gets out of the limo which then dissapears

Victory: Mr. Burns laughs evily while Smithers gets a claps for his boss

Defeat: Mr. Burns gets angry while Smithers gets a annoyed look on his face

Basic attack: Mr. Burns shoots the nearest enemy with a pistol, dealing X damage


White: Block out the sun

Mr. Burns uses a giant sun blocker to block out the sun in the battlefield until his energy runs out, this prevents all enemies from gaining energy until the sun blocker dissapears, all energy given to enemies are now redirected to mr. burns and his allies until the sun blocker dissapears.

Green: Evil laugh

Mr. Burns does an evil laugh, this scares all enemies nearest to mr. burns and decreases their movement speed by 45% for 10 seconds.

Blue: Release the hounds

When under 35% of his health, mr. burns tells smither to release the hounds and the hounds run through the battlefield, dealing X damage to each enemy they pass through and scaring each enemy for 5 seconds.

Purple: Who the devil?

Mr. Burns attack power is increased by 5% for every X% of energy he gains in battle.

Red: A star is burns

“Evil laugh” and “Release the hounds” deal X more damage to scared enemies.

All energy given to mr. burns now increases his max HP by X amount.
+X damage to “Release the hounds”
+X skill power
+X armor


Mr. Burns/Zurg
Rich minds
steals energy from scared enemies

While enemies are scared, mr. burns now steals X% energy from each enemy he attacks.

Mr. Burns/Kronk
Temporary Smithers
allies gain energize when threatened

Allies now gain energize when they are below 35% of their max HP.

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