Some things never change


2 star, frontline tank

“For the first time in forever, nothing’s in my way!”

anna does the next best thing and uses courage and optimism to protect her allies from danger


Entrance: anna skips in then she cleans her dress

Victory: she cheers and jumps happily

Defeat: she looks down sadly as she puts her hand over her heart

Basic attack: anna strikes the nearest enemy with her ice sword, dealing x damage


White: frozen solid

Anna freezes in place and becomes a frozen statue until her energy runs out

While she is a frozen statue, anna takes 50% less damage from enemies and freezes any nearby enemies who try to pass her for 10 seconds.

Green: fierce puncher

Anna dodges a melee attack and then sucker punches the enemy who tried to attack her, dealing x damage and knockback.

Blue: dance of arendelle

When below 50% of her health, anna dances for 4 seconds which heals herself for x amount per second and also increases her attack speed by 200% for 7 seconds.

Purple: forever after

“Frozen solid” now effects enemies with “chilly” when the freezing wears off.

Enemies who have “chilly” takes 70% more damage from other freezing attacks and enemies also deal 60% less damage to anna.

Red: the next right thing

“Fierce puncher” now stuns enemies when they at a low percentage of their max HP

Anna now takes less damage from enemies when she uses “dance of arendelle”

+X skill power
+X armor
+X max HP


Spirit of ice
stronger freezes
Allies: Olaf, kristoff, launchpad mcquack

anna and elsa tries to find olaf when he goes missing while walking through the snowy mountains of the city

Freezes done by anna or other allies are now 40% more powerful per star.

Anna/Timon and Pumbaa
No worries
more armor per ally
Allies: elsa, rafiki, kida

anna is trying to get elsa to forget the traumatic parts of her life…so timon and pumbaa bring it among themselves to teach elsa their motto

Anna gains X% more armor per how many allies are left in the field during each wave


Please capitalize the names :slightly_smiling_face: But, great concept!

I thought this looked familiar.

I don’t want to accuse you of copying but it is a bit suspicious.

Sorry if you think that I copied you

It is never my intention to copy other people’s concepts

So…I changed up anna’s bio to be different from yours

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