Sovereign of sugar (likely concept)

King candy/turbo

1 star, backline control

“Welcome to the boss level!”

he seems to be a great guy at first, but a sinister secret hides within this jealous racer


Entrance: king candy enters the battlefield in his royal racer before then hopping out

Victory: king candy glitches into his pixelated turbo form as he is now holding a 8-bit trophy with a text box saying turbo-tastic above him

Defeat: king candy starts to glitch into his turbo form before he then looks at the enemy team in shock

Basic attack: king candy throws a gold coin at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: tampered codes

King candy opens up a code and then taps on it to “decode” an enemy chosen by the player, enemies who are “decoded” have all buffs given to them instead given to king candy himself while also decreasing their armor for 100% for the rest of the wave.

If auto-mode is on, then king candy will instead choose the decode the enemy with the highest amount of buffs.

Green: memory lock

King candy pulls out his chest and snaps it shut, dealing x damage to the nearest enemy as well as locks two buffs inside the chest.

When king candy activates the skill again, the two buffs that king candy locks in the chest are given to the two frontmost allies for 30% of the buffs original amount.

Blue: turbo-tastic

When he is defeated the first time in battle, king candy glitches into his turbo form but then turbo gives a sinister grin as he gives two thumbs up before then glitching back into his king candy disguise, this increases the attack speed of all allies by 100% for 10 seconds while also making the two frontmost allies immune to being knocked back for those same 10 seconds.

Purple: have some candy

At the start of each wave, king candy arrives late to the battle in his royal racer. He first fires three sweet seekers at the three frontmost allies that deal x damage for each sweet seeker that hits each enemy then king candy drives through the enemy team, dealing an additional x damage to each foe hit.

Red: gone turbo

King candy can now store 5 buffs when he is using “memory lock” and the buffs that king candy locks in the chest are now 100% more powerful.

“Tampered codes” now gives king candy and the two frontmost allies a shield for x amount that is also immune to debuffs and disables.
+X damage to “have some candy”
+X reality
+X skill power


King candy/Mad hatter
Mad candy party
“memory lock” steals health

“Memory lock” steals X HP from the most wanted enemy and gives it to king candy.

King candy/Yzma
Take the throne
more powerful buffs per health

All buffs given to king candy by a “decoded” enemy or by “memory lock” are now 50% more powerful depending on how much health king candy has left in each wave.

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