Spamming vs annoynce

Hey, it been quite a while since I last made a post on here. But I feel like it’s come to the point where someone actually needs to say something about it.

obviously this is mostly about Acat, but we’ve also had situations like this in the past and likely again in the future. I won’t be getting into the fact that he was obviously below the required age to be on this site, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened and has come unpunished and is okay in situations. it’s not as much down to age as it is maturity, which Acat lacked majorly.

now onto the actual point of the thread, Acat did not spam, he posted his nonsense at a very frequent level. but a few years ago people would post their ridiculous stuff all the time, 3 in the same day. not everyone but it was very common. yes, it was technically spamming, but all in good fun it wasn’t hurting anyone.

Acat posted his concepts daily, thats not enough time to make a good concept, it didn’t hurt anyone, was it annoying? definitely but for when people are annoying there is a mute button, and better yet an ignore button. and there has been, link to post from 2019, click here.

always try to help a person before you decide oh no another spammer, but after a while when nothing changes just mute them instead of choosing to talk with them, some of the time that’s what they want, other times they are just clueless.

long story short, yes people spam, and some people are just annoying, both ways to get around it is ignoring them, and not giving them your time.



I’m glad someone said something about this, because I was admittedly hesitant to do so myself.

The suspension itself may have been justified, given Simon’s history, but I’m still incredibly disappointed with how this whole situation was handled by some users on the forums. Just because you may have been on the “right” side of things for trying to get him to stop his frequent posting doesn’t justify the ridiculously high-and-mighty tone you used when addressing him about such. Simon was basically forced to come clean because you kept pressuring him to do so and wouldn’t stop until he did. That’s not an act of “good”; that’s just being rude. Much ruder than Simon was to any of you.

Simon’s constant posting and ignoring our requests to stop doing such may have been annoying, but the attitude some people had while responding was just straight-up unnecessary.


With most cases similar to Simon/Charlie/TLL they have no Ill intentions. The real “issue” are the people antagonizing the spammer/annoyance/immature forumer.


Hello everyone!!
I have been a member of the forums for about five months. I wanted to apologize for my actions against Simon. I definitely did not handle the situation very well, and I could have done better. I was trying to control them, which I see now was not the right thing to do. In the future, I will try to be more cautious with the things I am saying. Once again, I am very sorry.


I totally agree Simon had no ill intentions, and I completely looked over the fact that Simon was never rude to me. I guess I just got… tired of telling him to stop. I definitely could have handled the whole situation much better, and I could have used a different tone.

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I’m the future, try to be more constructive and helpful in that respect. If that doesn’t work, you can just mute.

Thank you for the help. Once again, I deeply apologize. This was my first time dealing with this kind of thing.

This is absolutely what people should do. I’m not gonna say their name because I don’t wanna stir up more drama than there already is (you can tell who I’m talking about if you’ve been through the whole spamming garbage), but there has been one individual who has definitely handled the situation horribly, both in Simon’s case and another user’s. Personally all you can do is simply ignore the user and better yet just don’t look at the topic, then there’s less fire to flame.


Hey, for what it’s worth, I definitely did not handle things like this very well when I first joined the forums, either, so I know the feeling and am speaking from experience. It just takes a bit of mindfulness and awareness to work through these situations calmly and effectively, especially on the Internet.

That’s what spamming is.

And? Wasn’t right then isn’t right now.

Kid has had more then enough chances. Bad concepts are one thing qe were all there once but this kid ignored all advice and made himself a repeat offender. He deserves no more chances.

This will cause the prepretrator to learn nothing. Remove these people. That’s what moderation is for.

Anyway hopefully he gets removed once the team is back and he takes a good long time to mature before coming back. Spend some time outside with other children preferably.

…HE’S A CHILD. A KID. This game is literally targeted towards children, why on earth does he need to leave and mature to use this forum??? I get that what he’s doing is a bit annoying, and he isn’t listening, sure, but once again, he’s a KID. The best thing to do is ignore him if you don’t like him, his concepts are not harming anyone and he has no ill intentions, he always tells us that he just like to share his ideas, and that’s okay. There’s no reason for the team to kick this child out.


Kayla never said it was? All they said was that it was common, not that it was right.

At least make up your mind about what you want him to do. Do you want him to stay gone or do you want him to come back when he’s more mature?


Some of the so called “adults” here, I swear…

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this forum is used for anything related in some way to the game, you perblue is very aware of this and always let people post as much as they want, as long as they follow the tos,

spam on here is usually posting the same thing over and over, Acat posted different things but multiple times where it’s annoying but not against any forum rules.

we cannot ban anyone, yeah he had plenty of chances but we didn’t have to keep interacting with him.

the forum is for people 13+ he is most likely not 13 and staff has removed him twice evading bans is not ok.


Question, Answer :man_shrugging:

Also, while the game theme may be something kids enjoy, no f2p gacha game of this style will ever be ‘aimed at’ kids :stuck_out_tongue:

It literally isn’t.
Nor this forum, nor any other social media.

Yes it is. Lol. It’s a Disney game. The main audience is children/teenagers :skull:

Obviously adults can play it too (I’m one) and there’s plenty of them in the game, but you’re not gonna convince me that this game (at least the majority) isn’t made for children. It doesn’t matter what type of game it is.

And no, just because he’s a child, he doesn’t need to leave. What the hell…

What’s your guy’s problem with kids acting like kids?

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Yes, if they are under 13, they NEED to.
Otherwise they are breaking the most common and base rule, which guarantees a ban.

Now it just seems you didn’t read the rules, or even the pop-up in the beginning of the game clearly stating you need to be over 13 to play the game. :woman_shrugging:


Public internet forums are not places for children even for child appealing games. Assuming he is being truthful about being 13 (I doubt it personally) he shouldn’t have free rein unless his parents are supervising. He may be within the rules technically but it’s still not responsible for us to let a vulnerable kid have free rein.

If he wants to stop spamming and make concepts with reasonable time between them , that at least try to improve based on the feedback he has recieved then fair enough - but based on his previous behaviour that isn’t likely.

If he refuses and continues to ignore us then removal is a perfectly reasonable punishment.

As for the people telling us to stop interacting we could but then what? The forums get cluttered with poorly made concepts and it becomes a massive mess. Call me harsh if you want. I’m just looking out for the forums and him.

I’m just going to say two things:

  1. If more people would use the Ignore feature instead of trying to correct the same users over and over and over and over again, the forums would be a bit more pleasant.

  2. As much as this game is based on IP that appeals to the under-13 crowd, they aren’t supposed to be playing the game or using the forum; if they’re mature enough to escape detection, fine, otherwise it’s better for them to be banned until they are old enough.

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