Muting users


So, some people wish thay certain people could be silenced. (Not naming any names.)

Anyways. Turns out, you can!!

And if ya don’t know, now you know.

Captain of the French Guard

Great point, I’ve seen that before. However I was not really aware it was for muteing a particular person.

Well ya learn something new everyday!

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Yeah we can mute them, but it’s kind of entertaining (and annoying) to see them spam.


I’m using the mute to the users who p_______ and s____. Don’t fill the blanks please.


But the photo has a name.


I have no idea what the blanks are even supposed to be lol so don’t worry.


Hmmmm?? Prediction perhaps. @Meatsqueezer Please just mute me instead of Flagging me. I know it’s you.


It’s not prediction. The word is too long to fit the blanks.


@Wave9Nut did you not see what @NCTzen_Haechan said in your post? Or did you just go rudely accusing people all willy-nilly?
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If you really don’t want to get notifications from people who constantly:

  1. annoy you
  2. spam

You can just hit “Ignored” because, unlike “Muted”, it also hides all topics of “Ignored” User.

Just a small comment, this is very useful when tackling Spams instead of telling the user off because, as I said, a Topic dies out whenever it isn’t given any attention.

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I don’t see ignored at the options. Instead, there were four options: watching, tracking, normal, and muted.

I’m using an Android phone. Maybe there were different options when you use a computer?


The “Watching”, “Tracking”, “Normal”, and “Mute” options are for the topic itself.

You can access the “Normal”, “Muted”, and “Ignored” options by going to the User in question and opening the “Normal” Button near the “Message” Button and hitting “Ignored”.


He was accusing @Meatsqueezer. But yeah, @Wave9Nut there is no way that you can tell that it was him. And, the flag has to be for good reason for the moderators to let it flag the post, right? Maybe you should consider how each of the flags work, so you can avoid them.

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Thank you, I got the enlightenment that Yax feels everyday. :laughing:

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@Wave9Nut kid, I have never flagged you once. I think your predictions are hilarious guesses. I also like my own predictions better though


Good find @Champion_David

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Thank you very much.


Bruh I am not a kid.


So that is what you got from that? He was clearing up that he’s not flagging you. The least you could do is thank him for clearing it up.


I’m a little bit late but i don’t have ignored as an option. I’m hope that’s ok i’m using your profile for picture. :slight_smile: