Speed queen (Concept remake)

Go Go tamago

1 star, backline damage

“Welcome to the nerd lab”

Go Go tamago speeds through the battlefield and leaves the creeps in the dust


Entrance: Go Go skates into the battlefield

Victory: Go Go takes her helmet off and smirks

Defeat: Go Go loses her balance and falls to the ground

Basic attack: Go Go throws a maglev wheel at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage to the target enemy


White: No red lights

Passive: Go Go gains a stack of “speed” for everytime she gains a speed boost. Each stack of “speed” that Go Go has increases her movement and attack speeds by 15% per stacks of “speed”

Active: Go go skates through the enemy team, dealing x damage to each enemy she hits, dealing an additional x damage per stack of “speed” and also increasing the movement speeds of all allies per stack of “speed” she has.

The stacks reset after this skill is used

Green: Slicing maglev’s

Go Go throws two heated maglev wheels at the two enemies with the most armor and HP, dealing x damage to the two enemies and also dealing x additional damage overtime to the two enemies per stack of “speed” that Go Go has gained before she activates her white skill

Blue: chewing gum

Go go takes off her helmet and pops a piece of bubblegum, giving herself X% energy as well as clearing 1 debuff per stack of “speed” she has gained throughout the wave

Purple: Woman up

“Chewing gum” increases go go tamago’s attack power and armor per stack of “speed” that go go has gained when she activates the move

Red: Rolling like an egg

“Slicing maglev’s” now decreases movement speed by 20% off of the targets enemies per stack of “speed” she has gained

Go go now perfers to speed up allies that has been debuffed by any enemy or by any other source.
+X movement speed
+X damage to “Slicing maglev’s”
+X skill power


Go Go tamago/Hiro
Six times the charm
More debuff removals

“Chewing gum” now clears 2 more debuffs per stack of “speed” she has gained.

Go Go tamago/Gizmoduck
Duck tech
Speedier when threatened

Go go gains a 20% speed boost whenever she is under 40% of her max HP

I hope you all enjoyed today’s concept (remake) and if you got anything to say about, please leave it in the comments down below!!

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*basic damage


So… that’s the disk name

This is a refrence to another much older concept of go go tamago made by a great concept creator (so yeah…i put that on purpose :wink:)

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