Speediest mouse in mexico (unlikely concept)

Speedy Gonzales

1 star, mid-line damage

“Andale! Andale!”

Andale! Speedy Gonzales speeds though the enemy lines while raising his allies spirits


Entrance: Speedy Gonzales speeds into his position

Victory: Speedy Gonzales takes off his Sombrero and raises it into the air

Defeat: Speedy Gonzales stops to catch his breath.

Basic attack: speedy gonzales kicks a piece of cheese at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: strikingly speedy

Speedy Gonzales runs through the enemy team 5 times, dealing X damage to each enemy he passes through and also having a 50% chance for each pass through to steal a random buff from each enemy. During the fifth run-through, speedy will place a cheese wedge full of dynamite in the middle of the enemy team that then blows up, dealing X damage to all enemies, increasing the duration of the oldest debuff/disable on each enemy and inflicting 2 stacks of fatigue on each enemy.

The chance to steal buffs and fatigue inflicted will be decreased or less effective to enemies above LV Z

Green: Outspeed

Speedy Gonzales speeds through the enemy with the highest amount of buffs, dealing X damage and stealing up to 2 buffs from the enemy with their duration refreshed.

Buff stealing is less effective against enemies above LV Z

Blue: Andale!

Speedy Gonzales throws his sombrero in the air which also spills cheese all over the ally team, healing all allies for X amount, increasing their attack power, armor and crit chances by 60% and decreasing the cooldown of all allies green skills by 100%.

Stat increases and cooldown decreases are less effective towards allies above LV Z

Purple: in all of mexico

Each buff that speedy gonzales steals now increases his movement speed by 20% for each buff that he steals.

Red: Mouse mischief

“Strikingly speedy” grants speedy gonzales 25% attack speed during each pass through he makes during this skill.

“Outspeed” now has a chance to activate twice on the enemy with the second most buffs.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Strikingly speedy”
+X attack power


Speedy Gonzales/Basil
Desert Detective
Faster when buffed

Speedy Gonzales gains 35% attack and movement speeds when he has more than 3 buffs.

Speedy Gonzales/Dash
Super speedy
critical hit when buff is stolen

“Strikingly speedy” and “Outspeed” now crits damage against the target enemy’s whenever a buff is stolen from them.


This coincides with the Loony Tunes CMF that was leaked today!

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I just read mexico and automatically liked it

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