Spending boycott


Arrrgh Hellenic Army our ancient foes - we meet again :joy:
I really like my guild they are a bunch off loveable weirdos but I am unwilling to spend money on a game anymore which treats me like I am an annoyance and not a cherished customer - I would have spent more but…


@Polaris 185 comments and you are still silent?! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Polaris already answer it here!


Yeah. For me going F2P is more because of the lies they used to try to justify the changes and the treatment afterwards. Not as much about the changes themselves.


Hey! @Wild_Eule, @Wicked_Piglet_III

Transfer to another game with your guildies. Dreamworks is coming out soon…


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HAhahaah LOL nice find !!!


Wasn’t me who found it. I just heard about it from someone else.


I just started playing the game when all these changes came, I’m hoping they pay attention to the boycott from OG players! :mask:


Just to clarify, we aren’t going to undo this change. As I said at the top, we sometimes have to make changes that are good for the long-term health of the game, but are not popular with the community. We’ve heard your feedback, and it’s generated some interesting conversations here in the office. We will be considering different options when we make changes in the future. So, while your feedback won’t change this, it will have a positive impact on the future of the game.

I’m going to lock this thread now, not because we don’t appreciate your feedback, but because the conversation has run it’s course.

Thank you for being valued members of the game!


That is what they said so in other words customer is always right doesn’t apply to this, but hopefully they fix it in some other way by giving us more coins and experience points else where I am struggling leveling up my heros


Noticed a large drop off on players with the recent contest. Used to be 60ish made the top 1% and now its 50. Curious to know if thats due to the game getting old or people just fetting fed up.


Server 9 and rank 800 was considered top 35% now
Used to be much higher


The Boycott finally hitting home maybe? If so, great job guys keep it up :wink:


Don’t say that:( hope not. Isn’t per blue owned by Gree? I think someone pointed out they were. Gree shutdown dragon soul out of the blue. Led everyone to believe updates were coming and boom. Closure notice. Played that game for three years. This is the Closest game I’ve found to it to get my fix.

How old is this title?seems lacking in heroes if it’s that old. Nm seems I’m on a server in an early stage.


What happens if they close a game? Can they just make it no longer playable? Or…?


No more server to connect i guess…

DS died after 3years…
I’ll give DHBM 5 years for its name… haha

PB is really doing a great job haha


They said that gree bought the DS from PB…

So maybe after 2years… PB will sell DHBM again to gree, then gree will also close DHBM…
History repeat itself lols


Will you guys hurry up and quit already - :smile: taking up valuable top 100 spaces :slight_smile:


Oo oooffff!!! Wooooeee