Spending boycott


I am also joining the boycott. Server 14 has horrible “deals” That are not in line with other servers. I’m getting close to quitting this game.


The thing is guys is they’re concentrating more on the new whales on the new servers server 3 is dying a slow death and I think they couldn’t care less. Us boycotting though will hopefully help. But I’m in a top guild and they’re not boycotting.


Yea I don’t know if going turbo in server 1 is still boycotting but just reading that post helped to keep me strong willed in this boycott. Sad though because I would have loved nothing more than to give my hard earned $20 to purchase that Elsa deal given she is my top toon right now. I almost caved when they threw in the other $20 deal to stack with it but I just can’t support per blue anymore… I mean whose to say they won’t nerf her in a couple months screwing me out of my money


My guild also keep on buying deals…
Ser7 top 9 guild


Yea not everyone is going to join in the boycott but that’s fine they can waste their money now and be in the same spot the majority of us are in now. A lot people look at it as its hurting themselves more than per blue to not take the deals, which is true but in the long run when per blue see the bottom line decreased they will know why.


Pro Tip: If you see an OP hero, enjoy it while it lasts (Shank and Darkwing Duck)


Server 14 not spending a penny until balance issues are corrected.


No answers, no change to spending boycott I guess


Hey Per blue if you keep censoring our posts it just proves we’re right and you decide instead to just be no better than dictators spreading your we care about our players propaganda


I haven’t spent any gold leveling up heroes since the goldgate disaster. I now have over 30 million gold saved up… seems like the hoarding excuse backfired for perblue


Careful… They will see this in their “data” and increase the Gold costs on everything now.


Keeping the boycott alive…still haven’t spent a penny and most of my guild has joined in the boycott as well. Those guild coins gifts have tremendously decreased.


Keeping the boycott alive here in Server 7…its hard but I am stubbotn guy :gem::moneybag::chart_with_downwards_trend:


I mean, why would I be interested in chasing new heroes and their chips and badges when the lack of gold keeps me from maximising my current guys?

PerBlue apparently don’t understand the lure of these games is using lots of different favourite characters in weird and wonderful combinations, not picking a few people early on and then doing nothing but work on them.


It is a good suggestion. But keep in mind that the majority still are spending money. I stopped cashing the time they ontroduced 6*. It is already a long time ago. Still going strong not spending a dime in this game. At the beginning I was struggling cause I was ranked around 130 on my server. It was painful to watch me going down. Now I dont really care anymore *currently ranked at 246.

I started to enjoy the game again without pressure. No need to keep up and forced to buy stuff again. The urge to buy good bundles is long gone. :slight_smile: It was the best decision ever. I enjoy the game more and from the money I dont spent here, i went on a holiday trip and buy 6 aquariums :joy::joy:

I must have been not clear in my mind throwing my money out of the window in such a game only to get disappointed greatly from time to time. But not spending money at all, I’m not bothered/ less bothered by perblue making the bad decisions in their game :joy:


The top spender on Server 7 has quit the game. Good job PerBlue.


Yes i am on Server 7 too
Track gave up - he was my idol


Yeah, I just heard this morning. Crazy.


He lost a couple of ranks than He was without a guild…very sad
Nightowl from "die Gilde"here


Chopper from Hellenic here. Yeah, it’s a weird time. Some of my guys are really struggling with the changes, but moreso the stance of PerBlue. Arrogant, hypocritical, and blatantly contrary to their customers’ concerns. It’s difficult to support a game with developers like that. Guild comradary is the only thing keeping the wheels turning, I think. We’d all miss each other if we stopped playing!