Splash Mountain Tribute

With the change of Splash Mountain from Brer Rabbit and his friends to The Princess and the Frog, i think a trbute is in order. I will kick it off with parody of a song that would fit this.

Remember Me sung by Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear

Brer Rabbit: Well, looks like this is it.

Brer Fox: Yep looks like it. You know, i am really gonna miss this place and all the folks we met.

Brer Bear: Well, i just hope that folks don’t forget about us.

Brer Rabbit: Say, that reminds me of a song i once heard about being remembered.

Brer Fox: I heard that too, it tells us that even thought were not together anymore, we’ll always be together as long as people remember us.

Brer Bear: Oh yeah, how did it go again

Brer Rabbit: It goes something like this

Brer Rabbit (Singing)

Remember we

Though we have to say goodbye

Remember we

Don’t let it make you cry

Brer Fox (Singing)

For even if were far away we’ll hold you in our hearts

We sing a secret song to you each night we are apart

Brer Bear (singing)

Remember we

Though we have to travel far

Remember we

Each time you hear a sad guitar

All singing

Know that were with you the only way we can be

Until your in our arms again

Remember we

Brer Rabbit: Well so long everybody, and remember that every day is a zip-a-dee-doo-dah day.

Splash Mountain



No, they can’t be closing Splash Mountain… :sob:

I get the feeling you don’t know why they changed it.


Of course, i do. They think it’s the theme thwy represent is racist for years and the protest makes it worse. By doing this it will be tha last will ever see of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear. There probably gonna change the name to boot.

The movie they originate from was racist as well. To give a little more insight, Song of the South was released late 1946 (~74 years ago). The civil rights movement took place mainly from 1954-1968. The movie stars black people in the South, which if you’re not from the US is where most of the infamous racists were. :grimacing:

Tl;dr: the characters are from a time before African Americans even had full rights, and were created from outdated stereotypes. I understand if you want to take a moment to remember them because you liked Splash Mountain, but they deserve to be forgotten.

Just wanted to set things straight here, I’m not asking for the thread to be closed.


It’s not getting closed. It’s getting remodeled to be a far more inclusive ride.


Yes, that’s what I meant.

So why the tears?

I loved the Splash Mountain animatronics.

Well now you can look forward to seeing the new characters, e.g. Tiana, Louis, etc.

Here is my take on this. I don’t think splash was racist, the characters (Animated) were originated from a racist movie but that doesn’t really make the characters racist. I felt sad, mad, and confused why they were retheming it, but then I realized that patf was missing. I thought if patf were to get a attraction they would just add some effects from facile into the haunted mansion, but then splash would make more sense as it is in a bayou.

Overall looking forward to the patf ride


I truly will remember them, they will go onto having a zip a Dee doo dah day forever.

Let’s just hope that the characters are still gonna be meetable in the parks, and the new princess and the frog ride may have some splash mountain references so the legacy is alive


They had been planning for the ride for over a year, even before the current events going on now. I would think that some of the animal audio-animatronics would be hidden in the ride, most likely the ones without clothing. Walt Disney said that his park is alive and will always be growing and changing. He (and Disney as a whole) call it plussing. They are plussing Splash Mountain. The new ride is going to be an original story and a whole bunch of fun!


I would think that they would have a fox, rabbit and bear, each with a head that resembles the tree main characters, I would also like to think if there is a room with faciler and his shadows one shadow would be Br’er fox due to him looking “scary” with all of his teeth

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Or maybe they will make a new meet and greet spot in critter country in disneyland with the statue of all three main characters, I would think this would keep the legacy alive and maybe Br’er fox and Br’er bear could appear at halloween parties, Br’er rabbit would appear on Easter and they would all appear on Christmas

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Who knows? Maybe they want to get rid of Splash Mountain completely like the movie never happened. Disney disowned the movie and it was produced under a different studio. The only Splash Mountain that will be left will be the ride in Tokyo


What if they rename the franchise “The Adventures of Brer Rabbit” and made Bugs Bunny like shorts.

I for one think that Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear are the true stars of the movie. It just not right for them to pay for something that wasn’t their fault entirely.

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I was thinking they could make a cameo in the Mickey shorts or maybe the son or daughter of either of the, could appear in DuckTales as a new original character

Or if we are lucky, they can come into the DHBM.

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Maybe when the house of mouse comes to Disney plus they will remove them from it, then they would maybe remove them from who framed roger rabbit. But I think I’m just over thinking this so they may stay

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