Spring-Loaded Maniac

This concept is requested by @C-train. However I was already planning on making this so what a coincidence! :woozy_face:


“He has merchandising tie-ins. He has an advertising budget. He has better looks. But QuackerJack has TOYS!”

With an arsenal of deadly toys, QuackJack uses his mean tricks to give a whole new definition of “Playtime” to the enemies.

Stars: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Uses a pogo stick to bounce into position
Victory: Laughs, like Tigger
Defeat: Starts to pull on his hat in anger
Attack: Throws a pair of chattering teeth at the enemy, dealing additional damage over time

White Skill: Punched Out (Normal Damage)
Passive: QuackerJack’s basic attacks additionally deals Y damage per second for 3 seconds.

Active: QuackerJack sets up an inflatable punching bag in front of him for 10 seconds. It has X HP. The more it gets damaged, the more inflated it will be. Once it reaches 0 HP it explodes, dealing X damage to all enemies, silencing them for 10 seconds, and QuackerJack gains 100% attack speed for 12 seconds. There can only be one inflatable punching bag on screen at a time.

Green Skill: Banana Bomb (Normal Damage)
QuackerJack throws Mr Banana Brain at the middle most enemy, dealing Y damage. It then explodes, dealing X damage to all enemies and blinding them for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Spring Loaded (Normal Damage)
QuackerJack puts on spring-loaded shoes and pounces towards the closest enemy, dealing X damage and stunning them for 7 seconds. He then takes the shoes off and bounces into position, and the shoes will launch and land on two random enemies, dealing X bonus damage and stunning them for 7 seconds longer.

Purple Skill: Pure Wackiness
QuackerJack deals 100% more damage to disabled enemies and will prefer to target them with his basic attacks. Each time an enemy is disabled, QuackerJack gains 40 energy.

The bonus damage and the energy gained is reduced when the enemy is above level Z.

Red Skill: Toys Czar Us
QuackerJack heals Z HP per disabled enemy on screen. When an enemy is disabled again while already disabled, they take Z damage over 12 seconds.

Enemies with a Damage Over Time effect not from QuackerJack have their times on their other active debuffs paused until the Damage Over Time effect expires.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Skill Power
+Z Tenacity

Friendship Disks:

QuackerJack-Lock, Shock, & Barrel
Unwanted Toys
Hardy Buff Countermeasures
+Z Max HP to QuackerJack and Damage role allies
+Z Damage to “Spring Loaded”
• When an enemy has more than 4 stacks of “Hardy”, QuackerJack will target them with “Banana Bomb” and will remove up to 4 Hardy stacks from them.
• Enemies that had stacks of “Hardy” removed from them will be stunned for 3 (+2 per star level) seconds. This stun is unaffected by tenacity, evasion, and Hardy.

Charged Terror
Stronger Basic Attacks
+Z Reality
+Z Basic Damage
• QuackerJacks’s basic attacks deal 15% (+15 per star level) more damage to enemies with “Fatigue”
• When an enemy consumes a stack of “Fatigue”, they take 7% (+7 per star level) of their armor as bonus Normal Damage.

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent


You know the rules

Si & Am - Disney-Fan
Horace And Clarabelle - Grim_Grinning_Ghost
Wendy Darling - Mister_Toon
Ariel - FairestOfThemAll
Peg Leg Pete - Agent-Jake
Dopey (Snow White) - Xavier_The_Great
Flintheart Glomgold - Dr-Drakken
Green Shadow (Plants vs Zombies Heroes) - Protector_Lucky
Bushroot - Prince-Aamir (One per customer, but I will do Bushroot soon)

Oh my god, the brilliance of this line. But also, R.I.P. Toys R Us. Never forget. Great concept!

You got proof? No seriously.

I looked. The animations and quote are similar or the same BUT they did not ‘copy’ anything of importance, like the skillset.

:musical_note: And so do I! :musical_note:

And regarding QJ’s white skill, what happens when he is at max energy while a punching bag is active?

Sorry Aamir! Only one request per customer! However I am planning on making Bushroot and Liquidator in the future.

Then he doesn’t use it, simple. Once the punching bag is gone, he uses it again.

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