Springtime Costume Contest Submission Thread

  • The costume should be something that they wear/would wear
  • Submissions due on April 2nd
  • I will make a thread for submissions, but if you want to remain anonymous until after the contest, PM me

Here is an example of what it could bee:

  • If there are any questions, ask me and I will edit this post :blush:

Are they adding these costumes to the game?

No, this is just for fun and bragging rights :slightly_smiling_face:. PB does not make costumes anymore (sadly)

Oh that’s cool I like it you are a amazing artist

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Yeah that’s sad

I think someone should make a wiki to put what character you are making, I can make it if you want.

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Yes please!


Name of the forumer - name of the character you will make a costume of.

One-Little-Spark- Moana
Muppet Labs - nvm… I probably won’t do it since I ran out of time…
Commander-Rex - Kristoff
Lightning McQuee- Mr. Incredible
Giosphere- Belle


It must be a character in the game and no rewrite in my text, put it down there…

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I want to make a costume of HDL like in the Halloween event but I’m not sure if it counts what I’m thinking…

I am sorry guys just trying to be a good friend

Just two things:

  1. Does it have to be spring related?
  2. I just started working on a costume before this thread came out and wanted to keep my entry a secret before I reveal it.

You are fine! I want Oswald in the game too. But we are making outfits for characters, not characters.

It does not have to be exactly spring related, but keep spring and life in mind when making yours.


Can I pm you

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I also want to say that the outfit could also be made to look/capture another Disney character.
Example: If one was to take one of the princesses, and edit it to look like Vanessa, and said it was an Ursula outfit, that would be ok.


That would be interesting

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Then I guess what I was thinking is allowed.

I know someone is going to make a Rocketeer Mando…

If you could edit the wiki just to say that you are entering, that is ok.

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