Stat Changes Launching with Emerald and the Detailed Stats Screen

The following Hero Skills and Battle Badges have been changed to accommodate the new Emerald Rank Feature. Most of these changes are targeted at making sure that Level Scaling stats granted by Skills are given at effective rates post Emerald Rank. These changes, coupled with other sources of the corresponding stat on the Hero, will ensure that they start combat with max effectiveness of their relative stat. We’re also buffing a couple Skills that reduce Level Scaling Stats to bring them more inline with their counterparts that grant Level Scaling Stats.

Most of these changes will only take effect once the corresponding Skill is leveled to effective level 386. This will happen at different level breakpoints depending on the type of Skill. After the breakpoint, the skill will continue to scale as normal.

  • The Level breakpoints are as follows:
    • Purple Skills change when moving from Level 345 to 346
    • Memory Disks change when moving from Level 345 to 346
    • Red Skills change when moving from Level 265 to 266

The following skills will increase their Level Scaling Stat values after reaching effective Level 386:

  • Abu
    • Evasion gained from Red Skill
  • The Beast
    • Crit Damage gained from Purple Skill
  • Ian Lightfoot
    • Fantastic Crit gained from Red Skill
  • Jack Sparrow
    • Normal Crit gained from Red Skill
    • Armor Negation gained from One Wilde Night Disk
  • John Silver
    • Crit Damage gained from Red Skill
  • Joy
    • Evasion gained from Red Skill
  • Judy Hopps
    • Normal Crit gained from Red Skill
  • Jumba
    • Evasion gained from Wild Encounter Disk
  • Kim Possible
    • Crit Damage gained from Red Skill
  • Little John
    • Evasion gained from Bear Country Disk
  • Mayor Bellwether
    • Tenacity granted to allies by Double Agent Disk
  • Megara
    • Tenacity gained from Red Skill
  • Phoebus
    • Tenacity gained from City’s Shield Disk
  • Prince Phillip
    • Crit Damage granted by Nap Time Disk
  • Rex
    • Crit Damage gained from Red Skill
  • Robin Hood
    • Tenacity gained from Double the Bows Disk
    • Evasion gained from Fox Tracking Disk
  • Shego
    • Fantastic Crit gained from Red Skill
  • Merida
    • Normal Crit gained from Bullheaded Redhead Disk
  • Ducky and Bunny
    • Evasion gained from Stuffed Yet Satisfying Disk
  • Elastigirl
    • Reality Negation gained from Tough Cookie Disk
  • Frozone
    • Reality Negation gained from Cool as Ice Disk
  • Quorra
    • Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit gained from Well Read Disk

The following skills will see increases right away, not requiring the skill to be leveled to 386:

  • Maleficent
    • Tenacity reduced by Red Skill
    • Evasion reduced by Shell Game Disk
  • Princess Aurora
    • Tenacity removed by Wishing Works Disk
  • Statler and Waldorf
    • Tenacity and Evasion removed by Red Skill

The follow Battle Badges will also see immediate increases:

  • Fantastic Crit is changing from 50 to 60
  • Armor Negation is changing from 40 to 50
  • Crit Damage is changing from 40 to 50
  • Tenacity is changing from 30 to 40

The Emerald Rank feature is also coming with a very exciting overhaul to the Hero Detailed Stats screen! We wanted to make this screen easier to read while also keeping it informative. With Emerald changing the landscape of Level Scaling Stats in the game, this screen should be the go to spot to help you create your Subclasses.

The most notable change here is that all the stats are now displayed as totals on the screen.

If you want to see where stats are coming from you can tap on the ‘i’ button for a particular stat to get the whole breakdown.

Another big improvement is that this screen now shows you the effectiveness rates of your Hero’s Level Scaling Stats. There are two values displayed here since Ambition is only taken into account during battle between two Emerald Heroes.

  • The first value shows your Hero’s effectiveness against Heroes below Emerald Rank
  • While the second value shows your Hero’s effectiveness against other Heroes that are Emerald Rank of higher

Wow! This seems cool! More Evasion and Tenacity can make the old heroes more usable! But I’m sad that Basil has got no modified skills…



Just to get it in writing, as far as Emerald v Emerald battles are concerned, the level dependant stats granted by the badges granted as heroes were ranking up are meaningless.

From any other source, such as disk, mod or skill, they still matter, it’s only what they get from the badges that get functionally negated?


Also the dropdown menu doesnt workfor some people.


So will we be getting yellow quality of life improvement by reducing costs for badges anytime soon @Samm , so more than those spending money on the game can at least unlock enough for war teams?


Wow just wow

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But now there is nothing on disk stars side.

And it’s bad.


That doesn’t look good.

I thought the subclasses wouldn’t work against heroes below Emerald??


They never think anything through before doing, huh? And they are the one who made this game…


Nothing new… probably will be a hot fix two years from now like everything they decide to change down the line all of sudden after players suffer for a while. Lol

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@Samm @Polaris

Any update?
There is a real concern here that Emerald is not working as it was explained to us in the previews.
And with no communication it makes us very uneasy…

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If we’re getting technical, Emerald IS operating as explained… it’s just the explanation didn’t adequately highlight the sheer scope of the effect of Ambition and the lack of scope that the subclasses offer.

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Everything is cool, Sem, but why we still dont get more better comfor in game?

When you will drop high cost of updating heroes, hiring mercs? In comparation how small amount can player took by day.

When you will stop high cost of hero chips for red skill? Or to give more normal raiding for each toon daily to make comparation.

When you will do the same with disc power?

When you will do something in name of people, name of moral?



Thats fair.

But promoting a hero should make them stronger, not weaker
As explained by people a lot smarter than me, this is not the case and it is very clear in current wars, surge, arena and coliseum where Y30 heroes can kill entire E0 lines, but the same E0 hero cannot do the same againt the same Y30 line

So at the moment everyone is not promoting to E0, this contest is going to be more of a waste than contests are at the moment.

All we want to do is have fun playing the game, but as people have been pointing out, the complexity of this new system and the issues we are facing are making it very hard for a lot of us to actually enjoy it at the moment


This is not confirmed
Do not spread unconfirmed information

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Yeah, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I am FULLY aware of the problems surrounding E0, I’m just also careful with how things are worded because I do not want to give them any ambiguity to hide behind.


If it is not confirm for public doesnt meant that somebody dont know :coffee:

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Do any of you have issue to log in?

Or they ban me without telling me.

My 3 mobiles are connected and on this one I cant log in for few hours. On other 2 mobiles I play game normal.

@Samm what is going now?


Issue globally
People either cannot log in or cannot switch servers
Been an issue for the last 2 hours


Thank you very much!

It is around 2 hours of trying to log but nothing.

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