Update 5.3 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.3

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.3 Update! This release features Bowler Hat Guy and Emerald Rarity plus a number of improvements, bug fixes, and content for all servers!


  • New! Bowler Hat Guy from Disney’s Meet The Robinsons!
  • New! Emerald Rarity!
  • New! Chapters!

Bowler Hat Guy

Bowler Hat Guy is a Front-Line ”Control” hero on the Blue team. Bowler Hat Guy will be available in the Prize Wall starting August 24th.


Doris Intimidation
Doris intimidates the enemy team, decreasing their Armor and Reality by a percentage each and Piercing them all for a few seconds. Meanwhile, Bowler Hat Guy shields himself for a duration.

Under My Control
Bowler Hat Guy sends a mini Doris over to the enemy team. Mini Doris darts between random enemies, dealing Normal Damage to each, Charming them for a few seconds, and applying stacks of Weakness after the Charm wears off.

When Bowler Hat Guy has one or more debuffs, he brings out his unicorn binder to re-reads his checklist and motivates himself! Once he’s done, he Cleanses himself, gains Armor and Reality for a duration, and becomes Energized for a few seconds.| This skill can trigger once every few seconds, including when Bowler Hat Guy is Frozen, Stunned, or Silenced.

Whimsical Mastermind
Doris now also Scares enemies hit with “Doris Intimidation” for a few seconds.| With each use of “Check!” Bowler Hat Guy increases his Max HP and Heals himself for the same amount.
This Max HP increase lasts for the rest of the wave.

Don’t Let It GO
Mini Doris now hits more enemies during “Under My Control” as well as doing a bonus Fantastic Damage with each hit.| Bowler Hat Guy now gains stacks of Hardy with “Check!”.

+Shield HP to “Doris Intimidation”

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Pierce is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Basic Damage per Damage Ally
  • Effect Buff: Reflect


  • Mad Hatter
  • Shego

Emerald Rank Information

Emerald Rank introduces a new stat called Ambition

  • Once you promote a Hero to Emerald Rank, that Hero will be granted a new stat called Ambition.
    • There are no additional requirements to ranking up to Emerald besides going over Yellow +30
  • Remember that Ambition adds Levels to a Hero when its Level would be used to determine the effectiveness of a Level Scaling Stat during combat.
  • New Behavior!!
    • Based on your previous feedback, we’ve made it so that Ambition is only active in combat between two Emerald Rank or higher Heroes.
    • This means that when a Yellow Rank or lower Hero is fighting an Emerald Hero, the effectiveness of their Level Scaling stats will not be affected by the Emerald Hero’s Ambition.
  • Read more about the upcoming rarity here

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Added Wish Crate Label to the Hub Map
  • With the fast approaching Emerald Rank, there are Heroes that will be receiving certain stat increases!

Bug Fixes

Please note that we’re continuing to implement fixes for hero skills, and app performance. If you know of any in-game bugs, please submit a support ticket.

  • Fixed Daisy Duck Shield Mod behavior when “Shield Snare” is Unlocked
  • Resolved a bug that caused Fairy Godmother to be invincible in Guild War
  • Adjusted “Augmented Stun” Patch Talent so it prevents Cleanse properly
  • Fixed “Tireless” Patch Talent Ui to display “Immunity” text when a Fatigue is attempted
  • Fixed “Invincible Rejuvenation” Patch Talent” so it triggers properly
  • Resolved an issue where the Battle Badge upgrade prompt could ignore the “off” setting
  • Rectified an issue with the “Extreme Accuracy” Patch Talent where debuffs would stack instead of being replaced
  • Resolved an issue where Louis would stack when promoting Tiana
  • Fixed an issue where Powerline could be KO’d before entering battle

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note that new Campaign Chapters are available!

Existing Heroes

  • Pegasus becomes IAP Exclusive
  • Negaduck is the next Contest hero
  • “Cogsworth & Lumiere” enters the VIP Crate
  • Tiana enters the Guild Crate
  • Monkey Fist enters the City Watch Crate
  • Abu enters the Diamond Crate
  • “Statler & Waldorf” and Phoebus are now in the Elite Campaign!

Servers 1 & 13 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 385 to 390
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Emerald!
  • Chapter 72: “Draconic Feint” NEW!
    • Elite Campaign features: Kida, Phoebus, “Statler & Waldorf”, Pacha, and Moana

Servers 21 & 25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increase from 355 to 365
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +26
  • Chapter 66: “Never, Again?” NEW!
    • Elite Campaign features: Yax, Bo Peep, Phoebus, Miguel, Rex, Li Shang, and “Statler & Waldorf”
  • Chapter 67: “Roll Playing” NEW!
    • Elite Campaign features: “Gerald, Marlin & Nemo”, Kronk, “Simba & Nala”, Phoebus, Emperor Zurg, “Statler & Waldorf”, and Baymax

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023.


We live in 2024, here in DHBM…

And very happy for Shego’s friendship!


YOOOOO!!! We got Mike Yagoobian himself!! Very unexpected, but so amazing!! Heres hoping to more Meet the Robinsons in the future!!



One of my favorite movies :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Goob looks pretty cool, hope he will have a better life later.



What heroes have augmented stun?

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Bravo! Bowler Hat Guy aka. Mike ¨Goob¨ Yagoobian is joining the Battle! and first character from Meet the Robinson (2007)! and Emerald Rank is great! remember Keep Moving Forward -Walt Disney


Who? And when we will get this info, still today or Monday? @Samm


@Samm, I think you should change the name Bowler Hat Guy to Mike Yagoobian. We need his real name, and that’s another wildcard.


Did you include Billy not dying after combat?


Bowler Hat Guy is how most people name view him lol.


I guess we know her 4th Talent…

But again, these talents aren’t even released yet, why this is here?

When heroes will get their 4th and 5th talents?


That doesn’t make any sense. Mike Yagoobian is a better name just like in the movie.

@Samm will the cowboy avatar come back around about 90% of people missed out on it with no mention anywhere it was available


Yes finally Meet The Robinsons has arrive


It was available in the previous trial event.

Personally, I still wait for Steampunk border, that’s the last border which wasn’t made available yet.

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Same here!! This and Bolt were the Disney films that I held close to my heart the most!!

There may be still more for this matter including minor stage improvements. All we try to do is complete minor stages of the normal campaign only once.

Uh oh. Another new villain is here. Bowler Hat Guy and Doris.


There are more heroes that have the same issue. Launchpad is one of them, along with Baymax when KO’d by Megavolt(Zu).


Also this is so funny because Shego’s voice actress also plays Miss Franny in Meet the Robinsons lol. I’m excited to see this friendship in action.


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