State of the game 2nd Quarter 2020, when?

See I don’t find epic easy but Definitely easier Then what it use to be. But too each their own.

I would say As follows…

  1. schedule of More guild perks releasing (Is it going to be every other 4 months, every six months, etc)
  2. What game mode changes going to be in future or what future game modes might be in store in future (I know I have suggested like a Mario kart type of mode before which maybe can utilize car characters and rc racer then).
  3. Any plans on making a posted schedule for future on contests for the month, when exclusive crate buys will be, etc?
  4. The direction of the game when current map will be done (will there be a new map with a new story?, etc)
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10 letters

Can you guess?

yes K.I.M. P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E.

Is there chance for it to be given this week, or it’s planned on first two days of next week?

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^^^ @Polaris have dates been set for the next State of the Game and Dev Q&A

@Polaris when you will be posting next state of the game post ??

Another q and a be good too, but maybe not live this time. People should be allowed to ask questions ahead of time like last time… but just answer the all questions during this time instead of allowing new ones to be asked where things can get lost in translation. (particularly ones that get repetitively asked in my opinion)

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I have both on my list! I think they will both be in the first half of December.


Yay! Thanks For Info. Will be eagerly waiting it for then ^^

Great, hopefully this Q&A goes well

We are going to change up the format a little bit for the Q&A. I did see the feedback that the last one was a bit disappointing.


Well maybe it was a liiiittle bit disappointing
But hey…
(Las risas no faltaron eh).gif

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Hopefully it changes in a good way…


I see Polaris and yeah, understandable. The last Q&A didn’t go as optimal as preferable given how many have prepared their own question list beforehand, and as such ended up flooding the Q&A post.

We have in the Disney Heroes’s community Discord server at least talked about trying to coordinate our questions and try to overall help streamline the Q&A session.
Collaborating with the people on the forum would probably be good too, so that we all can try and make the Q&A session better and more informative.

This one are a thread from the last Q&A feedback wise.

So yeah, I think the community are interested as well in trying to make the Q&A session better.

And yeah, so we get a little heads-up first and can prepare for it more so, what are the changes to the Q&A this time and how it will affect the Q&A overall.
It would also be good to know what kind of question you all can answer and which ones you can’t, whether that be secrets for later, NDA related information or just can’t really answer or take too long. This way we know what are no point in asking about.

I hope this Q&A will end up really good overall and hopefully we all can get a lot out of this Q&A :-).


In relation to the linking of the post, my point was more about majority of the questions being asked and answered where more about heroes coming into the game, not in game systems being updated, etc.

This time round it needs be more varied and taken seriously.


Ah, I linked to the post overall and not specifically our first post :-).

But yes, I agree with you on that the focus for the Q&A shouldn’t be on what characters are coming, but rather in terms of features and how they work. While it would be nice to hear the answer to such things as how the resource balance are planned for players, it understandably are likely things they can’t necessarily share.

Still, hopefully we get a better and more productive Q/&A :-).


@Polaris Hi Polaris :-).

I wondered if you had any update on when we can expect the Q&A and State of the Game posts since it now is December?
You said in your earlier post that you thought it would in the first half of December and now is about a week(8/9 days) left of the first half of the month, so yeah wondered if we could get some info in terms of when we can expect the Q&A and State of the Game posts like if they are still scheduled for the first half of December or not.

No worries if a bit delayed, just nice to have a little heads-up on what to expect :-).


Yeah, I am hot for it as well. Where is it, please @Polaris?

I’m hoping to get the Q&A opened up at the end of this week and have the state of the game ready next week!


I see and thanks for your answer Polaris, really appreciate it :-).

Really look forward to the Q&A and the State of the Game posts coming ^^.

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