State of the Game - March 2022

State of the Game March 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the March 2022 State of the Game post! We’ve had so much happening at PerBlue and Disney Heroes since the last State of the Game post in September let’s just dive right in!

We had let you all know that we had members of our staff moving on to new exciting positions and prepared for a little bit of a slower time while we hired new members to our team. We’re so happy to tell you that we have a fully staffed team again and we’ve been loving all the new things they’re working on! We’ve already added it to the Roadmap, but besides working on a redesign for the Battle Pass our new team members are also looking into our older heroes and exploring new and exciting ways for them to be used!

We recently had server merges which went so well and will be great for the health of the game. There have been some reports of continued lag on S1 that we’re working on getting a fix for soon! These servers had been closed and it’s always good to make sure the sizes of the servers are in a healthy state. We also opened up a brand new server, Space Adventure! Another way to keep the game in a healthy state is by giving new players a fresh space to grow without having too many older players to fight for those top spots!

Now for Trial Events, we know it’s been awhile, we’re working on making future Trial Events more of what you all enjoyed and less of what was considered too difficult. Trial Events is also a more difficult event to plan and implement so we are working on making that a bit easier behind the scenes so it can be added back into a more regular rotation! Speaking of regular rotation events, the Prize Wall is also being looked at in some ways so that we can keep it fresh without just adding a new Hero. As mentioned in the 3.7.10 patch notes, we’re changing up the rewards in the hero quests. Different rewards will be coming in future Prize Walls! Other new events are also in the works to add some variety, but they’re top secret right now!

We’ve heard your feedback regarding the Yellow Rank system and are currently working on refreshing it! The difficulty and the economy to level up are works in progress and we’d love to continue to hear your thoughts on this as we work on it. We’ll be making a section on this in our Q&A.

We also do not have anything we can say currently on Guild Perks which we know you’ve all been waiting on for them, but we do hear you! We are just prioritizing our Design time into refreshing the Battle Pass and Events. This is not to say Guild Perks are not going to be looked into or have any updates just that we do not have any immediate plans for them.

As mentioned in our last state of the game we’re still working on the ongoing deep analysis of the health of the game and its economies. Since we are continuing to plan on long term processes for the game we have some questions for you all and want to hear your thoughts! So keep an eye out for those feedback posts next week!

Now we’re sure you have lots of questions for us and I’ll be announcing when we’ll be doing our Dev Q&A next week once we have everyone’s schedule confirmed!

Thank you all so much for being such an amazing community and for playing Disney Heroes!


This is interesting to hear, hopefully it will give the chance to make it afordable to enhance more than one of the battle badges, and upgrade more of them as well. We’ll have to see I guess.

Nice gif!

And that are about my positive thoughts on the State of the Game. Not that much news, but I didn’t expect that either, so :man_shrugging:


I’m just glad to know that there are plans for any events other than Prize Wall at all

No opinion on the economy changes until we actually see them but it’s good to know that they’re planned

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These are my main concerns regarding the future stability of this game @Loutre.


Save this for our player questions posts next week!


none, just need choice :pleading_face:

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It was too easy most times, it was enjoyable because it’s more than literally any other game mode which is just 5s and win.

I am glad to hear this, hope we will get refreshes more frequently!



It’s nice of you to give us formerly S19 players a laugh while we continue to endure the agony of your extremely poorly implemented double caps for merges

Glad to know you are still pretending this problem doesn’t exist!


Nice state of the game. Looking forward to other events(permanent or partial) aside from the prize wall😁

I hope it’s about the resources we need to get to red rank at least, now that every server has a yellow rank at minimum, red 0 to the last red are a painful part to pass. Specially if you want to experience the friendship campaign from the newest heroes or even older ones that are just accumulating now.

Not to mention that orange rank is still hard to pass. And the prices in stamina for only one badge are becoming more and more expensive. I’m afraid of the situation is scaling to the point a $4.99 deal of stamina in not enough for just one hero WITH double drops.


Maybe you want to close the Q&A from September 2021 @Loutre (They are still open) :shushing_face:

That’s ok every once in awhile someone still adds to them! I will close them next week


@Loutre I see and thanks for posting the State of the Game post Loutre :-). (Surprised that would be a day later you gave the heads-up yesterday that it would be this week).

In regards to Guild Perks would like to ask if the focus on UI improvements could be switched out for focusing on Guild Perks, especially since the UI improvements focus stem from an misunderstanding due to unclear messaging as people thought [Hero Management] meant [Hero Rebalancing} rather than [Hero UI]. I think most of us players are now tired of the UI focus, so if that focus could be switched out for Guild Perks that would be really appreciated by many think :-).

Technically though, I would rank the Battle Pass’s importance as less than Guild Perks as Guild Perks are more inclusive and more engaging to the whole guild, they having something to work towards together.
Overall, easier to go wrong with Battle Pass than new Guild Perks in the sense of what players will be satisfied by.

At least having some older Guild updated and scaled level wise would be good, like the Double Team EXP one, it should at least reach up to level 200 these days compared to level 100 as I think this perk came out when the max level wasn’t higher than level 150.

My views at least and hope that’s okey :-).


Hope this means better stats for old heroes and possible for new heroes.

Hoping the PW changes are good. So far the addition of the guaranteed cosmetic crates and more diamonds sound good. Hoping the hero chips scale up every 10 or 20 levels like how red chips scale every 10.

I hope this means that Lightning ROB is finally getting worked on… but it’s most likely a scrapped project sadly. Kinda excited to see what the scavenger hunt will bring. :thinking:


I mean, I´d also like… say… 1 new hero + 1 featured old hero that is fairly popular… or 2 very popular old heroes in Prize Wall.

Or even like refreshed ones when they get some stat buff or full-fledged refresh.
Anything that could help players more widely.

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I’d also like to mention @Loutre that as levels get higher and higher the harder it is becoming to max red skills in elite campaign… hope that y’all fix the scaling of red skill chips soon because we will just have another problem like before in which it took 6 months in CW to max a red skill… except this time it is diamond, elite reset and stamina related since it is red elite.


Wish Crate was for that, but it failed, too costly, and it wasn’t mentioned at all here… wow.

Adding a 4 year old hero to the prize wall is a meh idea, unless it will be 2 heroes in the grand prize at once, together with their red skill chips, which needs a boost and it wasn’t mentioned at all here too! eh.
Grand prize’s skill chips reward needs to be increased 5x if not more, it’s more needed than diamonds.

Tfw 1 elite reset gives 60 (2-spot raiding) or 90 (3-spot raiding) but one Red Skill Level costs 185 now.
If the Elite Campaign gave at least 10 RS chips per raid we wouldn´t have that problem (since doubled that is 20 and 20 x 10 is 200 minimum for 2-spot heroes)
At its current state the “Red Skill Chips in Elite” is just far too time-costly to do anything significant with it.

And don´t get me started on badges that cost 107k stamina (or 250k badge tokens). Badge Tokens (which btw we can reliably only get in Invasion) DO NOT SCALE at all.

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Ok be real will there ever be a point that the cap raises stop or at least space out more? There’s gotta be an end point eventually.



Thank the lord!

Why didn’t this server just open at lower levels like the previous servers did instead of going straight up to 23s? Nice to open a new account and start over I guess.

Also I love how Wish Crate has been forgotten and left out :joy:

Looking forward to what the 4th Anniversary plans are btw, liked last years. Still glad Fozzie is in the game.

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