Super Brainz/Mr Incredible Friendship Campaign

Super Brainz/Mr Incredible Friendship Campaign: “Heroic Training”


Allies: Elastigirl, Kim Possible, Syndrome

Friendship Unlock Dialogue

Super Brainz and Mr Incredible are now friends!

EG:Honey! Watch out for the creep behind you!
SB: Don’t fret fellow vigilante! It is I, Super Brainz! You’re friendly zomburbian superhero.
MrInc: Sorry, but Elastigirl and I are on a date, so I would like some privacy between us for now.
SB: Oh no, I am not invading your date! I am informing you that there is a jailbreak of creeps over by the theater district! I thought you two would be delighted to join me.
MrInc: Well then! I guess our dinner can wait.

Chapter 1: A New Team

MrInc: Honey, I just got word from Chief Bogo. He wants to form a team of super-powered individuals, and he asked me to lead them!
EG: That’s great honey! I’m glad that you can inspire a whole new generation of superheroes.
MrInc: We should start putting posters around the city to start getting recruits.

1.	The Parrs arrive at the CPD, ready to form a league of heroes.
2.	Bogo asks the parrs to put up some posters near the popular places so that it can attract more supers.
3.	Dash immediately does so, and 2 minutes later, he’s already done.
4.	Just as Mr Inc and Elastigirl are just about to drive over to the next district, a business zombie halts them.
5.	He takes off his disguise and reveals that he is Super Brainz, and he wants to join the league.

SB: AHA! So there is really a new league of supers being created! I humbly ask if I can join in.
MrInc: That’s great, but we’re trying to get more superheroes…
Judy: Well, maybe you can train him for now while the rest of us start getting more trainees! He seems very eager to learn.
SB: Indeed I am rabbit! We should start right away!
Judy: Erm, I’m a bunny. Anyways, good luck Mr Parr!
MrInc: sigh I guess I’ll work with you first.

Chapter 2: Warming Up
1.	Mr Incredible and Super Brainz head on over to an abandoned train station.
2.	It’s filled with creeps! Perfect for a starting point in heroic training.
3.	Super Brainz forms his turbo twister and flies over to the creeps, only for them to knock him! He goes bouncing around like a pinball.
4.	Mr Inc sighs as he takes down the creeps by himself.
5.	Super Brainz, now dizzy, throws a super ultra ball, randomly, and it hits a creep escaping!

MrInc: sigh This is going to be tougher than I thought.
SB: still dizzy Let’s…try that again…I think I blinked…
MrInc: Hey! Where are you going?
SB: Off to…hiccup…save…citizens…
MrInc: No! Not now! You need to rest!

Chapter 3: Street Scramble
1.	Mr Incredible looks for Super Brainz who’s been flying away while still dizzy.
2.	It wasn’t hard to find the zombie hero, he caused a path destruction while ping-ponging all over the place.
3.	Mr Incredible finally finds Super Brainz back at the ZPD fighting an ambush. Alone.
4.	Kim, Darkwing Duck, and Comet guy were watching the fight, and Mr Incredible thinks that his “trainee” is giving them a bad impression.
5.	Somehow, Super Brainz was able to use his Turbo Twister to spin and knock out the creeps.

Kim: Looks like you can’t keep yourself still while preventing others from standing still.
SB: dizzy Don’t worry ma’am…everything is out of stock…please come again later…
DW: Huh, I expected a more, well, “knowledgeable” hero.
MrInc: He’s a work in progress. A more “inexperienced” hero at best.
SB: What? Inexperienced? I’ve been working for my boss of ridding those pl-erm, creeps of this city! I’m just learning more techniques to my current abilities with a professional!
DW: Are you sure you can handle him?
MrInc: Sure I can! I’ve handled something like Jack-Jack before!
DW: Great! Because I have another hero who’s also need of training.

Chapter 4: New Lifts
1.	The hero league arrive at a different train station. Nothing is there except for heavy trains.
2.	Mr Incredible instructs Comet Guy and Super Brainz to lift some of the storage cars filled with heavy items.
3.	Comet Guy noticed Super Brainz shooting lasers, so he asks him if wants to practice with his abilities.
4.	Super Brainz agrees, and they both throw chunks of rock, and later train cars!
5.	Mr Incredible immediately calls Felix to repair the train cars destroyed.

MrInc: Hey! Watch what you too are doing?
SB: Well I have to practice conjuring my Super Ultra Balls somehow!
MrInc: So far you made so much destruction in the last few hours than Ralph can do in a single month, so can you please stop and pay attention?
SB: Ok! OK! Jeez! grumbles

Chapter 5: Citizenship
1.	Mr Incredible then go to a populated area of the park to practice citizenship. 
2.	Citizenship is important for every hero, as they need to build trust among citizens.
3.	When Super Brainz tries to practice citizenship, many of the citizens get scared and run off!
4.	Mr Incredible begins to worry about Super Brainz and his reputation towards the citizens.
5.	Super Brainz starts to get frustrated and throws a super ultra ball into the air, nearly hitting a plane.

MrInc: Hey! HEY! What’s going on?
SB: Ugh! These normal human citizens! They won’t give me a chance! I’m trying to prove my innocence!
MrInc: Prove your…what?
SB: My innocence! It’s not my fault that I’m feared by the humans because of me taking out all the pesky plants! Oh wait, it actually is. But-
MrInc: Wait, so you were a villain the entire time??
SB: Wait, no! I’m not-just let me…
SB: GRAGH! Why did I say that? I’m so TERRIBLE at being a hero!
EG: Hey! Hey! Calm down!

Chapter 6: Rage Against
1.	In boiling rage, Super Brainz angrily kicks anything in his way as Felix rushes to fix everything.
2.	He throws some cars, which luckily land on creeps.
3.	Mr Incredible and Elastigirl can’t contain him. He’s way to angry to be put down!
4.	They let Comet Guy try to contain Super Brainz while they formulate a plan.
5.	Comet Guy uses everything he could, and finally, Super Brainz winds down. Suddenly, they get a message from Kim Possible.

KP: Hey, you there SB?
SB: Super Brainz, reporting for duty!
KP: Glad you can respond. I just heard that Mr Incredible and Elastigirl just got captured!
SB: gasp That’s horrible! Did you track their location?
KP: I tried to, but something jammed my GPS, and the robot that captured them is too strong. I think I need someone like you to help rescue them. Think you can handle the sitch?
SB: Why yes I can! This looks like a job for…SUPER BRAINZ!

Chapter 7: Zombie To The Rescue
1.	Super Brainz and Comet Guy fly around the city looking for the captured heroes.
2.	There were signs of Syndrome’s droid robot rampaging through the city, all leading to the warehouse.
3.	When the heroes in training arrive, Syndrome was expecting them! He has laser blasters all pointed at them.
4.	Super Brainz uses his tactics, and his luck, to take em down, and Comet Guy helps Mr Incredible and Elastigirl out of the zero point energy cage.
5.	After the fight, Syndrome says “You’re welcome” and SB realizes: it was all just a simulation!

SB: Hold on, this was staged and the final part of my training?
MrInc: Yes it was, and you managed to make quite a beating to those robots!
EG: I think you’re ready to be one of our elite recruits to our league, even if you have some shady background.
SB: It is my delight to be a defender of justice! I promise not to eat anyone’s brains!
MrInc: I’m glad that’s covered.

Chapter 8: All’s Fair
1.	When they arrive back to the CPD, lots of heroes are waiting at the entrance.
2.	Some of them were known by the Parr family, and some of them were new ones!
3.	Super Brainz flies above them to give a motivational speech. Citizens could also see him too.
4.	The crowd of heroes and citizens cheer for Super Brainz! He starts to feel happier that he’s acknowledged.
5.	The heroes then sign up for some training, ready to help deliver justice to super villains.

DW: I guess you really can train a super zombie! Nice work Mr Inc!
MrInc: Hey, all it took was proper motivation. He really perked up after that epic battle!
EG: He sure was a challenge at first, but I do think he’s ready to help train the new heroes.
SB: Why hello fellow heroes! I am thankful you helped me gain trust among the citizens. And now I feel better than ever! I must be going now. I have important work to do!
MrInc: You’re always welcome. See you out there in the battlefield. SB: Ta-ta! Super Brainz away!

“Heroic Training” Friendship Campaign complete!

Rewards: “Incredible Workout” Friendship Disk


Finally had the motivation to complete this. Anyways, I’m planning on making another one soon. Which one do you want to see next?

  • Charles-Launchpad “Crash, Of Course”
  • Pitaya Dragon-Mushu “Fired Up Rage”
  • Tragic-Splatter Phoenix “Paint The Town Blue”
  • Squid Ink-Hank & Dory “Forgotten Friendship”
  • Other

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I would like to see a friendship about you and splatter phoenix! :eyes:

It’s settled! Tragic Magic-Splatter Phoenix is next!

And for those voted for “Other” can you state which campaign you wanted?

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