Suprise concept!

Here i am again folks with my first ever suprise concept!! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

here comes the suprise

Brer fox and Brer bear


2 star, frontline damage

“Now, look! You said this was a laughin’ place, and I ain’t laughin’.”

The crafty br’er fox and his dim-witted partner in crime br’er bear uses their traps to outsmart the enemy team


Entrance: Br’er fox and Br’er bear sneak into the battlefield with Br’er fox holding his Axe and br’er bear holding his club

Victory: The duo does a victory dance

Defeat: Br’er bear accidentally gets caught in a snare trap as Br’er fox gets mad

Basic attack: Br’er fox swings his axe at the target foe, dealing x damage


White: beehive trap

The player chooses an enemy, then Br’er fox traps the target enemy in a beehive which makes them unable to move or shoot projectiles for 10 seconds while also slowing down all enemies near the trapped enemy by 50% for 5 seconds.

Green: knock his head off

Br’er bear clubs the closest enemy, dealing x damage to the target enemy and stunning them for 5 seconds per amount of debuffs the enemy has on them.

Blue: Sharpen the Axe

Every third basic attack, Br’er fox sharpens his axe which increases the duo’s attack power by X amount while also scaring all enemies for 10 seconds.

Purple: Crafty fox

Whenever Br’er fox and Br’er bear fall under 40%, they revive and heal for x amount of their health while also studying the enemy who attacked the duo for the rest of the wave.

Red: Villains of the south

“Knock his head off” now prevents the target enemy from healing or being healed by any source for 15 seconds.

Br’er fox and Br’er bear are now immune to being disabled while they are buffed by any source.
+X damage to basic attack
+X armor
+X skill power


Br’er fox and Br’er bear/Judy hopps
To catch a rabbit
“beehive trap” lasts longer
+X damage to “knock his head off”
+X armor

Mistaking Judy hopps for Br’er rabbit, Br’er fox and Br’er bear attempts to capture her while she is patrolling the city

“Beehive trap” now lasts 5 seconds longer for both the trapping and the slow.

Br’er fox and Br’er bear/Gaston
Lessons in trickery
More damage per buffs
+X skill power

Gaston teams up with the Br’er duo in order to not get caught outside of hunting season and so the duo can finally capture Br’er rabbit

Br’er fox and Br’er bears attack power increases by 30% every third that they gain a buff.


Can they still fire projectiles? Just want to clarify

No, waaaaaaay too OP

No…unable to move means unable to fire projectiles as well

I decreased the stun time

If only song of the south heroes could happen :sleepy:

So why not say stun then?

I feel like brer bear and brer fox would work better as separate characters…

Because…I wanted to only do one stun for this moveset…

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