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Howdy everyone! Tragic Magic returns with another concept! This time it’s a surprise Concept based on a character from a recently released game. This concept also features skill icons! Yay!

Here it is....


Source: Henry Stickmin Collection

“I’ve got the perfect plan…This is the greatest plaaaaa-“

Charles Calvin, a government supported helicopter pilot, uses his military skills, and his own determination, to help out allies take down the enemies.

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Lands his helicopter and the helicopter flies off
Victory: Gives a thumbs up
Defeat: Gets on his helicopter but it explodes and he falls
Attack: Wields a gun

White Skill: The Greatest Plan (Normal Damage)
The player chooses which action for Charles to preform with his helicopter. The action the player can choose can be:

Sleeping Gas (represented by a cloud icon): Charles fires sleeping gas on the enemies, slowing their attack and movement speed by 60% and reducing skill power by X for 8 seconds.

Subsonic Wave (represented by a megaphone icon): Charles fires a subsonic wave, dealing X damage to enemies and silencing them for 10 seconds.

Helicopter (represented by a headphones icon): Charles instead charges his helicopter into enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 7 seconds.

While on auto, the choices cycle through that order. The slow, silence, and stun have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Mini Helicopter (Normal Damage)
A helicopter drone fights along side Charles that has X HP and deals X damage with each basic attack. Every 10 seconds, it pulls the back most enemy into the front.

Pulling the enemy into the frontline has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Super Accurate Laser Shot (Fantastic Damage)
Charles fires a laser shot at the “Most Wanted” enemy, dealing X damage to them. This skill deals X damage to enemies between Charles and the “Most Wanted” enemy.

While using this skill, Charles is precise. Precise heroes can target invisible enemies and their attacks cannot be dodged or evaded. The enemy dealing the most damage is given the “Most Wanted” status.

Purple Skill: Combo Time
Enemies are dealt X damage per second for 5 seconds after being damaged from “The Greatest Plan”.

Red Skill: Valiant Hero
Allies gain 50% of Charles’s basic damage and skill power if he is KO’d for the rest of the wave.

Charles removes X armor from enemies with “The Greatest Plan”. The armor removed is distributed to allies for the rest of the wave.

The basic damage and skill power is reduced on allies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Basic Damage
+X Reality
+X Damage to “Mini Helicopter”

Friendship Disks:

Charles-Launchpad McQuack
Crash Course
DOT Effects Lowers Reality
+X Armor to Red Team Allies
+X Basic Damage to Damage role Allies
• Damage Over Time effects shred reality for XX% (+15% per star level) of amount of damage dealt by this effect.

Charles-Captain Churchill
Military Expertise
Increase Armor while Studied
+X Skill Power
+X Reality to Charles and Allies
• Charles and his allies increase their armor by XX% (+65% per star level) while studied.


It’s obvious what I’m gonna say. School is starting up next week which will limit my concept production unexpectedly. What I mean by this is that I don’t know how much time I’ll get in between days. I’ll still make concepts, just not as quick as I usually do. Just wanted to get this out, so that people can be patient! Remember to check my concept vault for when concepts are going to arrive!


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