Surprisingly genius (looney tunes concept)

Egghead Jr

1 star, backline support


Egghead Jr plans out to help his allies while fending off enemies with a little toy of his


Entrance: egghead jr rides into the battlefield in his toy tank

Victory: egghead jr straightens his glasses

Defeat: egghead jr sits and puts his fist on his chin to ponder what to do next

Basic attack: egghead jr splashes the nearest enemy with liquid from a tube, dealing X damage


White: Brilliant diagram

Egghead Jr quickly draws up a brilliant diagram on a chalkboard, giving all allies 100% crit power for 10 seconds, 100% attack speed for 5 seconds and X attack power.

Green: Toy tank

Egghead jr’s toy tank drives in the front of the enemy team before it then fires at the frontmost enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and blinding that enemy for 10 seconds.

Blue: Problem solved

Egghead jr solves a problem on a piece of paper, this converts 4-5 debuffs into buffs on each ally and heals the ally with the most debuffs for X amount.

Purple: Boy genius

Each debuff converted on each ally now decreases the cooldown on “toy tank” by 15% per each debuff converted

Red: Feathered polymath

“Brilliant diagram” has a 45% chance to cooldown all skills on egghead jr by 100% if egghead jr has more than 3 positive buffs on him

“Toy tank” now deals continuous damage if the target enemy has more than 2 debuffs on them.
+X skill power
+X armor
+X skill power


Egghead jr/Honey lemon
Chemical genius
more tanks

An extra tank has a 45% chance to be present during “toy tank”

Egghead jr/Donald duck
Lesson in tomfoolery
converted debuffs Increases crit power

Each converted debuff on an ally now increases their crit power by 5% per each converted debuff.


Not bad, which character do you think you’re gonna do next?

Is he realtead to tweety? He looks similar to her

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