"Sweet n' Sour": Cindy Vortex/Vanellope Friendship Campaign

Hey guys! I have a submission for @Rinoxeronte’s friendship campaign contest. It’s a friendship campaign with my Cindy Vortex concept (see here) & Vanellope.

Cindy Votrex/Vanellope
Campaign: Sweet n’ Sour

Cindy: For the last time Neutron, it’s in-tur-gral, not in-teg-ral!

Jimmy: No way, Cindy! It’s in-teg-ral! Lead my lips, I’m saying it correctly!

Vanellope: Yeah! How do you think it’s said, guhdoy!

Jimmy: That’s it! I’m out of here.

Cindy: Huh? Who are you?

Friendship Campaign: “Sweet n’ Sour” started!

Cindy: So what’s your name?

Vanellope: The name’s Vanellope von Schweetz, but people call me “president” or “stink-brain”.

Cindy: People call you those things? Well, I call Jimmy “Nerdtron”, “Big Head”, “Whippy Dip”…

Vanellope: Mannequin.

Cindy: Excuse me?

Vanellope: You’re a mannequin!

Episode 1: “Plastic Surgery”

1-1: Vanellope goes on and on how Cindy is made of plastic.
1-2: Cindy sees Vanellope as being hit with one too many pinatas.
1-3: The two then bicker on and on.
1-4: Elastigirl, while on patrol, sees the two girls aruging.
1-5: Elastigirl sits the two girls down and tells them what’s what.

Elastigirl: What’s going on, Vanellope? You’re yelling will make the creeps see you!

Vanellope: Oh Yeah? Well tell that to Plastic girl.

Cindy: We’ll see, you ding-dong!

Episode 2: “Rambunctious Rivalry”

1-1: The two girls go out on their own and chat.
1-2: Vanellope thinks Cindy likes Jimmy, but she denies it.
1-3: However, some Bug creeps see the two and run.
1-4: Vanellope then shoots down the bugs with her soda launcher, and impresses Cindy.
1-5: Cindy is dying to know where she got a machinelike that.

Cindy: Whoa! You took down that creep with a machine full of pop with no problem? Even Neutron can’t come up with something cool like that!

Vanellope: Ah, when you enter this game, you’ve got to work with what you’re given, love-dove.

Cindy: Don’t push it…

Vanellope: Jimmy & Cindy, Sittin’ in a tree…

Dash: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Vanellope: Hey Dash! Meet my new friend, Cindy!

Episode 3: “New Friends?”

1-1: Dash introduces himself to Cindy Vortex.
1-2: Cindy finds herself impressed by Dash’s super-speed, as he takes out a couple of creeps nearby.
1-3: Vanellope suggests to her new friends that they go down to the store and buy sweets.
1-4: Cindy happily agrees, but not before trading another insult.
1-5: Vanellope is annoyed at Cindy for the insult, before happily trading another insult back.

Vanellope: I am NOT fat, just because I like sweets! I’m like this since I came from Sugar Rush. I’m a princess, and a president.

Cindy: (sarcastically) “Oh, boy… Here we go… President Vanellope is in the house…”

Episode 4: “Dessert Disaster”

1-1: While exploring the bakery, the two girls encounter Clawhauser.
1-2: Cindy banters towards Clawhauser, and the two have a chat.
1-3: Vanellope talks to Dash about getting donuts from Clawhauser for the girls to share.
1-4: Dash gets ready to put his plan into fruition.
1-5: Cindy distracts Clawhauser just enough for Dash to get the donuts.

Cindy: “Oh, look! Gazelle is coming out of her limo to see you!” (points at nothing)

Clawhauser: OMG! Where? Where?

Dash: Mission Accomplished.

Vanellope: Free donuts! Woot-Woot!

Clawhauser: Hey, where’d my donuts go?

Episode 5: Invention Convention

1-1: Cindy wants to know where Vanellope got her soaker, so she decides to go to the Invention Convention going on in the city.
1-2: The two girls and Dash decide to visit the competition.
1-3: While there, Cindy encounters Jimmy and tells him about Vanellope’s machine.
1-4: Dash explores all of Jimmy’s new inventions and shows them to his mom.
1-5: Elastigirl, is focused on getting those creeps she tried going after earlier.

Dash: Mom! Mom! Look what I have!

Elastigirl: Dash, that’s Jimmy’s Hypno Beam! Where did you get that?

Dash: I got it at the Invention Convention held at City Hall.

Elastigirl. Dash, that is not yours, please put that back or else you’ll.

Syndrome: Did you say “Hypno Beam”? (steals the ray from Dash and shoots Elastigirl)

Syndrome: Ha-ha! Now I have Elastigirl under control! Find me the rest of the Incredibles and destroy them!

Episode 6: Stuck in a Trance

1-1: Jimmy sees that his Hypno-Beam is missing.
1-2: Jimmy asks Cindy and Vanellope where the beam is.
1-3: Elastigirl then bursts into the convention, chasing after the girls.
1-4: Jimmy & the girls run into Bob, who explain their situation.
1-5:Bob knows that someone is behind this, but who?

Mr. Incredible: You mean to tell me that Helen is under a trance? How could this be!?

Jimmy: I bet somebody hypnotized her somehow.

Vanellope: She had this weird-hypnotic look on her face, and was chasing after me and Cindy!

Cindy: OK, Neutron. Now that’s one piece of the puzzle solved. Now we need to figure out how is behind this.

Episode 7: The Scientist vs. Syndrome

1-1: Jimmy sees that his Hypno-Beam is stolen by Syndrome.
1-2: Syndrome then tries to shoot at Jimmy, seeming to put him in a trance.
1-3: Vanellope then shoots some pop out at Syndrome, disabling his jetpack.
1-4: Cindy & Vanellope then try to figure out how to free Elastigirl and Jimmy from the trance.
1-5: When all hope seems lost, Vanellope destroys the beam in frustration, and frees everyone.

Cindy: Feel free to join in any time you want to, Vanellope!

Vanellope: Jeez Louise, I’m trying here!

Cindy: Can’t you work any faster?!

Vanellope: ENOUGH! I don’t know this scientific junk enough!

Jimmy: Huh? Vanellope, Cindy, what’s going on?

Episode 8: Friends, Finally

1-1: Seeing the mess was his fault, Dash apologizes for all the trouble.
1-2: Elastigirl then grounds Dash for a week, and she thanks Vanellope and Cindy for saving her.
1-3: Jimmy then scolds Dash for taking his hypno beam.
1-4: Cindy & Vanellope then apologize for all the trouble they caused.
1-5: Then, the two girls hug & make up.

Vanellope: I’m sorry that I said all those insults to you before, and letting Dash stealing the donuts from Clawhauser.

Cindy: Eh, it’s not a problem. Friends?

Vanellope: Good friends. We should totally hang out another time someday.

Cindy: Yeah, today was pretty fun.

Clawhauser: (out of breath) Have you guys seen Gazelle? I can’t find her anywhere!

Friendship Campaign “Sweet n’ Sour” complete!

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