Retroville's Second Best Rival (Unlikely Concept)

Name: Cindy Vortex

“Nice invention, Nerd-tron! Too bad somebody already invented the bus!”

Description: Despite being only second best, Cindy Vortex still kicks butt and provides great support to her allies.

Role: Support

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star: :star:

Team: Red

Basic Attack: Cindy punches the enemy.

Entrance: Cindy walks in, looking proud and ready to fight.

Victory: Smiles at the camera.
Cindy Victory

Defeat: Grimaces and looks disgusted.
Cindy Defeat

White Skill: Fiery Feet
Cindy Skill #1

Cindy punches and kicks the frontmost enemy, knocking them back and sapping them for 6 seconds.
Sapped enemies gain 50% less energy from all sources.

Damage Type: :fist: Normal Damage

The sap has a chance to fail when the enemy is above level X.

Green Skill: A Rush of Energy
Cindy Skill #2

Cindy drinks Purple Flurp, healing X HP and gaining 250 energy.

Blue Skill: My Hero!
Cindy Skill #3

Every 6 seconds, Cindy inspires the hero who last used their Green Skill, granting them 35,063 Basic Damage and increases their attack speed by 125%.

Purple Skill: Perfect Balance
When Cindy or an ally KO an enemy, they are granted 450 energy.
The energy gain has a chance to fail if the ally who KO’D an enemy is above level X.

Red Skill: Strong Support
When Cindy and her allies use their Green Skills every 10 seconds, she reduces the cooldown for “My Hero” by 2 seconds and uses it on the ally with the least HP each wave.

When Cindy is healed by “A Rush of Energy”, she gains 5 stacks of hardy and deals 50% more damage to sapped enemies.

The bonus damage against sapped enemies has a chance to fail if the enemy is above level X.

*+X Skill Power

  • +X Basic Damage per Red Team Hero
    *+400 more energy from “A Rush of Energy”

Battle Badge:

Is Charged When: 2 enemies are knocked back

+X Basic Damage
+X Armor per Red Team Hero

  • Team Heal Over Time


Cindy Vortex/Jimmy Neutron

Disk Name: Mission to Mars

Disk Symbol: A space rover

Campaign Title: Martian Matters

Campaign Description: In order to work together on their school project, Cindy and Jimmy team up to write a report on Mars. The problem is, creeps are disrupting their productive work.

Allies: Jumba, Baymax, Animal

Damage Allies are Buffed

  • +X Basic Damage to Cindy Vortex and allies
  • -X Reality lost to enemies while sapped
  • Cindy increases Basic Damage and Skill Power of all Damage heroes on her team by +60% (+60% per star level)

Cindy Vortex/Vanellope

Disk Name: A Sweet New Rivalry

Disk Symbol: A piece of candy with wrapping sporting the Jimmy Neutron symbol.

Campaign Title: Sweet n’ Sour

Campaign Description: Tired of the competition she faces with Jimmy, she decides to find a new rival. Her fingers point towards Vanellope, as they start a beautiful new rival… and a friendship in the process by spending a day in the city.

Allies: Elastigirl, Clawhauser, Dash

Energy Gain on Basic Damage

  • +X Max HP

  • -X Skill Power lost by enemy BLUE Team Heroes

  • When Cindy or an ally gain a basic damage buff, she gains +100 (+100 more energy per star level) energy


Libby Folfax
Winston Ceros

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Blue Skill should be using a variable instead of a number. Red Skill is missing a variable and the 3 boosts. In her Vanellope Disk, was it supposed to be “enemy Blue Team Hero”?

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