Tanked (Likely concept)

The Tank Gang

Stars: :star:
Position: Backline
Role: Support
Trial team: Red

“Nemo! Newcomer of orange and white! You have been called forth to the summit of Mt wannahockaloogie to join with us in the sacred bond…of tankhood!”

The Tank Gang supports their allies from inside of their fish tank this even includes saving them from getting shook up


Entrance: the gangs fish tank appears then the tank gang swims to the front of the tank (the tank stays still in their position)

Victory: the tank gang cheers from inside the tank

Defeat: the tank gang gets tired and floats down to the ground defeated

Basic attack: a pebble is launched out of the ring of fire at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Ring of fire

Passive: At the start of each wave, the tank gang grants the ally with the highest skill power “sharkbait” for the rest of the wave.

The ally with “sharkbait” is granted X instant skill power and armor and X extra skill power and armor per each 10% HP that is healed on that ally.

Active: Bloat tilts the fake volcano in the tank, jacque activates the ring of fire and this launches gill out of the tank as he then bounces onto the head of each enemy, dealing X damage to each enemy, stunning each enemy for 5 seconds and decreasing the duration of 2 positive effects on each enemy by 3 seconds.

Green: Tankhood

One of the other tank gang members (minus jacques) randomly pitches in to assist their allies, depending on which tank gang member is chosen it has a different effect on their allies and foes.

The attacks are as follows.

Peach: Peach tells the gang about her findings, granting precise to the tank gang and the ally with “sharkbait” for 7 seconds.

Bloat: becomes annoyed and then inflates inside the tank, increasing the attack and skill power of all allies by X amount.

Gurgle: becomes scared of the enemy team and cowards, granting themselves and the ally with sharkbait a shield for X amount and granting the tank gang reflect for 7 seconds when their shield wears off.

Deb: She talks to her “sister” flo which concerns their allies so much that they have their movement speed increased by 70% for 10 seconds.

Bubbles: he plays with the bubbles from a fake chest in the tank before closing the chest, cleansing 2 negative effects from each ally with 2 extra negative effects cleansed off of “sharkbait” allies and healing all allies for X amount.

Blue: Decontaminated

Jacque jumps out of the tank and cleans the ally that has taken the most damage when this move is activated, healing the target ally for X amount, increasing the duration of all positive effects on that ally by 4 seconds and giving that ally reflect for 4 seconds.

If the target ally is the ally with “sharkbait”, that ally is granted X armor and X extra HP for how many buffs are on that ally.

Purple: AquaScum 2003

For every 3 debuffs on the tank gang, the aquascum 2003 activates to clean the tank. Healing the tank gang for X amount and cleansing the 3 debuffs off of the tank gang and the ally with “sharkbait”.

Red: Fish-o-rama! Mail order! Ebay!

The Tank Gang gains X armor and X skill power per each ally they heal and grants half of that armor and skill power to the ally they healed.

“AquaScum 2003” now grants the tank gang and the ally with “sharkbait” 35% reality and a duplicate version of a random positive effect on the tank gang and the “sharkbait” ally.

+X max HP
+X skill power
+X HP healed from “decontaminated”


Tank gang/Gerald, Marlin and Nemo
Badge of bait
increased healing when buffed

For each buff on the tank gang, the healing they grant is increased by 14%

Story: Nemo has a unexpected reunion with the tank gang when he finds them being unable to move their tank around…so he and his father decides to carry them with them for a night out on the docks using gerald to pull the tank.

Tank gang/Moana
Free as a fish
buffs now increases normal crit

Each buff on the tank gang now increases the normal crit of each ally by 20%

Story: the tank gang decides to hatch a plan to get out of the tank and into the ocean…to accomplish this, the gang decides to push their tank onto moana’s boat without her noticing in order to tip the tank to dump them into the ocean but thanks to gurgle’s insecurity, it leads to them getting stranded in the tank on the boat out at sea.

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