Tarzan (Tarzan Hero Concept)


Tarzan was raised by gorillas and has fought many creatures in the jungle, from killer leopards to gorilla poachers. Now, he has a common enemy with the City folk.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Backline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I thought you knew everything.”

Entrance: Tarzan slides off a tree branch and into the battlefield, landing on his feet and knuckles.
Victory: Tarzan beats his chest and shouts in triumph.
KO: Tarzan grabs his shoulder as if he is injured.

Basic Attack: Tarzan throws his stone knife at enemies.

White Skill - Son of Man - Normal Damage
Tarzan grabs a vine and swings into enemies, dealing X damage.

Green Skill - Vine Kick
Tarzan walks offscreen to swing on a vine and kick the strongest enemy into the backline while dealing X damage and removing X energy from them.

Blue Skill - Rifle Blast
Tarzan mimics the sound of a gunshot, scaring enemies for 4 seconds. Each enemy he scares will take 20% more damage from any ally during that time block.

Purple Skill - the Ape Man
Tarzan takes 35% less damage from melee basic attacks, and 30% less damage from ranged basic attacks.

Red Skill - Two Worlds
Tarzan enters the battlefield with full energy and X additional armor.

Tarzan + Baloo
Campaign: Jungle Life - Baloo sings a little ditty that gets Tarzan’s attention, and they both try to make it into a record-worthy beat.
Disk: Junk Mail
Disk Memory: Tarzan’s “Rifle Blast” skill has a 50% chance of dealing X damage to a random scared enemy.
Disk Power: Z attack speed gain, Z HP gain

Tarzan + the Genie
Campaign: Good Impression - The Genie offers Tarzan three wishes to grant, and Tarzan plans to use these wishes to enrich his relationship with Jane Porter.
Disk: Golden Shackle
Disk Memory: Tarzan will also target the second strongest enemy with his “Vine Kick” skill.
Disk Power: Z reality

I think blue skill should deal fantastic damage all scaring skill involving this

Its spelt ‘scaring’

I was sure e was included since scare is the base verb without changes also its beacuse skills which are realted to sounds are tend to deal damage so if the skill was added in case tarzan was in the game which is unlikley beacuse of copyright issues it would likley damage enemies

Ya but in english you remove the e if its an ing verb

My mistake then

I think we’re good on that front.

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