Team Building and Suggestions to Promote for Server 19

I am in need of advice for heroes to promote and level (based on tier list) and help team building. Somewhat experienced player TL 57. I have too many heroes than I now what to do with. 74 and counting. Need help with Damage, Control, and Support mostly. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Go check out Aurora veil’s guide

Fellow S19 player here, at level 107. To give a general idea of my experience, I’m in Plat I in Arena and Challengers division VI in Coliseum. While the meta can change easily and is hard to keep track of at times, there are a few heroes that I highly encourage you to build.

Megara’s Link mechanic is amazing for heroes like Miss Piggy or Bo Peep (both of which are prevalent in Arena) who have a hard time sustaining themselves in combat. The added Skill Power and Basic Damage can also help by giving them a power boost. The charms from her quite can be quite disruptive, too. I use her in almost every gamemode.
Both her disks are useful, but her Shank disk (linked ally becomes invincible for up to 7.5 seconds after Meg is KO’d) is a lot better for PvP.

Stitch (Ma)
Stitch is a must for Invasion. When you have his Maui disk maxed out, “Slobber” slows by a full 100%, which lets you bring Mama Bot to a complete halt. The skill isn’t level-dependent, so he’s still incredibly useful when it isn’t blue week. It won’t completely stop Mama Bot unless the disk has all five stars, but you can still get some mileage out of it until then.

Animal (Go)
Another champion of Invasion, Animal might be a higher priority to work on because unlike Stitch, he’s also great in competitive modes. Even without a disk, his skillset compliments Miss Piggy (top meta) very well. The speed abuse/BD buff from his white and knockback from his green make him a great support to augment your heroes’ attack power.
His Gonzo disk pushes this even further, giving his allies up to a 25% speed boost every 5 seconds. This boost is permanent and has no cap, making it very useful for longer fights against Mama Bot or teams that use stall heroes like Rafiki or Bogo.


Muchas gracias!! A mi tambien me servira

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