Tera Ferma (Original Character Concept Remake)

Tera Ferma

(Courtesy of @Jungalians_KL)

Role: Support

Position: Mid

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :blossom::blossom::blossom:

“The world is not as bad as everybody thinks. Everyone thinks the world is a bad place to be because they can’t find the good in anything anymore. If we dig through all the bad things, there is still good things. At least, i think so.”

Tera Ferma is the youngest daughter of Mother Nature and the spirit of spring. A friendly girl who believes that everybody has good on them. Being the spirit of spring she has control over plants which she uses to give aid to her allies with her trusty blanket.

Entrance: Hops into the battlefield as if playing hopscotch

Victory: She hugs her blanket

Defeat: She hides under her blanket

Basic Attack: Whips enemies with her blanket

White Skill: Bramble Barrage: (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:) Tera unleashes three pillars of thorny vine from the ground and strikes enemies from under them. Each pillar causes X damage.

Green Skill: Vine Shield: Tera creates a bubble of vines for the ally with least max HP that protects them from X damage for 8 seconds.

Blue Skill: Token of Friendship: At the beginning of each wave, Tera creates a friendship bracelet of flower and gives them to an ally of the player’s choice. With this bracelet, the ally is given a random buff for the rest of the wave.

Purple Skill: Barbed Bramble (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Bramble Barrage now gives X DOT for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: Spirit of Spring: Basic attack now heals Tera giving her Y HP.

Each time that Vine Shield is used, an allies reality is increased for 10 seconds

The reality increase is less effective towards enmies allies below level Z

Y Armor
Y Basic Attack
Z duration for Vine Sheild

The Beast


Campaign: No Rose By Any Other Name: When Beast’s enchanted rose goes missing, Tera teams up with him to find it.

Disk: Rose Buds

Star Power: Token of Friendship now gives Z buffs to ally

Level Power: Y Energy recovery to Support,



Campaign: A Golden Afternoon: Alice takes Tera to see the talking flowers but Tera keeps getting distracted by the other residents of Wonderland.

Disk: Healing Herb

Star Power: Vine Shield gives Y HP to those it sheild.

Level Power: Y Max HP, Y HP recovery


Tera was orginally going to be named Rose but the name Tera Ferma (another term for earth) would be more appropriate

Tera has attributes that puts her in the autistic spectrum. Such quirks include finding comfort in her blanket and her incredible dislike of loud noises.

Tera was originally going to be the deutergonist (secondary main character) in favor of Misty Shadows but i believe that people would have more sympathy towards Tera

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Feedback is appreciated.

How do you like my design?

I think it just fine. Nice job.

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