Terrifying with a Y (semi-likely concept)

Terri and terry

1 star, frontline control

“We’re experts in the ancient craft of close-up magic.”

two heads are better then one, terry with an y and terri with an I uses close-up magic in order to win the battle


Entrance: terri and terry walk into the battlefield (until G0)

Victory: terri and terry does card tricks

Defeat: terri and terry both look down sadly

Basic attack: terry splashes hot tea from his mug at the closest foe, dealing x damage


White: double distraction

Terri and terry causes a distraction by yelling and dancing loudly which “distracts” all foes for 10 seconds, while the two have “distraction” on them, all foes with target the two for until the “distraction” wears off

The skill also increases their max HP and skill power for until the “distraction” wears off.

Green: power of illusion

At the start of every wave, terri and terry walk into the battlefield covered in darkness while pretending to be a human only for the darkness to uncover them and then they reveal their true form and roars, scaring all enemies for 10 seconds and also decreasing their max health if they have already been scared.

Blue: misdirection

Terry shows off a wad of cards towards the enemy team which gives the duo a shield of x amount which lasts for 12 seconds.

When the shield gets destroyed or the shield dissapears, terri and terry now redirects projectiles that are thrown at them back at the foes who threw them which doubles the damage that the original projectile dealt.

Purple: dance major

“Double distraction” now clears all debuffs from terri and terry while also healing the duo for x amount per amount of debuffs that are cleared from the duo

Red: Terrifying T and T

All scares done to terri and terry are now 60% less powerful.

“Power of illusion” now increases the skill power of the two weakest allies for 12 seconds.


Terri and Terry/Sulley
Back to school
more powerful misdirection

All projectiles redirected by “misdirection” now deals x additional fantastic damage when terri and terry are scared by any source.

Terri and terry/Timon and pumbaa
Three T’s and a P
more powerful scares

All scares done to enemies are now 50% more powerful when enemies have more then 3 debuffs.

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