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That’s What Friends Are For: Friendship Campaign Making Contest

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@Protector_Lucky: Nick Wilde/Elsa: Finding Anna
@Grim_grinning_Ghost: Davey Jones/King Louie: Do You Fear the Red Flower


This contest is still on. So, don’t be shy about imputing your ideas.

Here’s my entry!

Campaign name: Finding Anna

Nick Wilde/Elsa

Allies: Moana, Sally, Judy Hopps

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Nick and Elsa are now friends!

Nick: I gotta hand it to you, Elsa, the way you use your powers is pretty cool. No pun intended.

Elsa: Thank you, Nick. It’s always nice meeting someone new who sees my powers as a good thing.

Nick: Were they the reason you were looked down upon where you’re from?

Elsa: No, but they were very unusual. I mostly had to hide from people even Anna.

Episode 1: Where Could She Be?

Nick: Ah, Queen Elsa! What a nice surprise to see you here.

Elsa: Nick, I’m glad to see you too.

Nick: So what can the ZPD do for you today? Anything to report?

Elsa: Well, yes. And perhaps you can help me. You see, Anna, my sister, has been gone for a while and I’m starting to get worried.

Nick asks Elsa where she last saw Anna.

Elsa says Anna was heading to the park.

The duo head to the park, only to find the place swarming with creeps.

Elsa sends an icy barrage at some hoverbots, and Nick flings some pawpsicles at a few ghouls.

When the dust settles, there were no signs of Anna. Nick sees Elsa starting to get worried.

Nick: Don’t worry Elsa. I’m sure Anna can take care of herself.

Elsa: It’s just that this place is so different from home. What if something happened to her?

Nick: I know what it’s like to be somewhere far away from home when I came here.

Episode 2: Park Panic

Just before they can figure out where to go next, more creeps attack.

Elsa protects Nick and herself with an icy wall, while Nick sends out some lemmings.

With the creeps taken care of, Elsa gets an idea.

Anna possible have made it to the Covered Market when the creeps attacked.

The two make their way to the Covered Market, where they see Finnick browsing through some aisles.

Finnick: Nick! Snow Queen! I wasn’t expecting to see you two.

Elsa: My name is Elsa.

Finnick: Whatever what can I do the pleasure for you, Nick?

Nick: Well we were wondering if you by chance seen Elsa’s sister Anna around here?

Finnick: Perhaps, what’s in it for me?

Elsa: Well I noticed you fight the creeps with a jumbo pop, so maybe I can offer my freezing services once or twice.

Finnick: Now your talking! Anna was heading to the City Center, she was trying to get that little snowman away from those creeps.

Episode 3: Another Area

Nick thanks Finnick for the info and the two head to City Center.

They look all around, but all they find are creeps.

Nick flings some pawpsicles at the creeps, while Elsa finishes them off with snow spikes.

They ask some of the people around if they have seen Anna, but no answers.

Elsa is starting to get frustrated that she’s about to give up.

Elsa: We’ve looked for Anna everywhere in the City. There’s still no sign of her!

Nick: Don’t worry, we’ll find her. I’m not gonna let her become the next victim of the Junor Ranger Scouts.

Elsa: Junior Ranger Scouts? Who’re they?

Nick Doesn’t matter. Let’s check the subway.

Episode 4: Ice Pals

Nick and Elsa head down to the subway station.

Creeps are trying to purge the subway trains! There’s too many to handle!

Nick comes up with a hustle and lemmings come swarming in.

Elsa finishes the rest off with a cold snap.

Civilians thank the two for saving them, but a creep sneaks up behind Nick. Elsa strikes it before it can attack.

Elsa: Look out!

Nick: Whoa, nice save there Elsa.

Elsa: Thanks. That was some clever thinking with those lemmings, how do you do that?

Nick: That there, my dear, is called a hustle.

Elsa: Say I don’t mean to sound rude, but… what was that you were saying about the “Junior Ranger Scouts”?

Nick: Here’s some advice. If you don’t mean to sound rude, then don’t be rude.

Episode 5: Bottled Up Fox

Elsa and Nick keep searching for Anna, but Nick seems distracted.

Elsa is worried about Anna, but Nick keeps bringing up the “Junior Ranger Scouts” have her.

Every time Elsa calls him out, Nick changes the subject. Only getting Elsa more curious.

Normally, Elsa doesn’t like getting into other people’s business, but she feels like she has to know.

Eventually, Elsa decided that enough was enough.

Elsa: Sorry to keep bringing this up, but it’s not good to bottle up your feelings. If you just told me about the Junior Ranger Scouts…

Nick: Fine! I’ll make you a deal. If you can clear out more than me at the Port, I’ll give you the scoop about the Junior Ranger Scouts. Deal?

Elsa: Deal!

Episode 6: Creeps on Ice

Nick and Elsa head to the Port.

Elsa is determined to get Nick to spill.

Nick throws pawpsicles at an enormous rate, feeling confident he’s got this.

Until he sees a huge horde of creeps over the water being frozen over and derezzing.

Elsa emerges victorius.

Nick: Wha- How did you-

Elsa: Oh, it’s easy to clear out creeps when you have the powers of ice and snow. Now about that deal.

Nick: Okay here it is…When I was about 7-8 years old I wanted to be nothing more than to join the Junior Ranger Scouts, so my mom scraped together enough money for my own uniform.

Elsa: So, what went wrong?

Nick: By the time I got there they… they muzzled me…

Elsa: gasp Nick… I’m… I’m so sorry. That sounds really sad and scary.

Episode 7: Letting Go

Nick tells Elsa he would’ve stayed the way he used to be if he never met Judy.

Nick says they’ll have to focus on finding Anna for now.

Elsa still feels quiet after hearing Nick’s sad childhood story.

Now it was safe to say she could relate to him when she was a little girl.

Elsa decided it was now her turn.

Elsa: Nick I’ve been thinking about what you told me about the Junior Ranger Scouts, and I can relate to you there too.

Nick: You’ve been muzzled too?!

Elsa: No, not exactly. But when me and Anna were little we would use to play with my powers all the time. But one time, I ended up hitting her with my powers.

Nick: Whoa, I’m… sorry to hear that.

Elsa: Since then, I was scared I would end up hurting someone else, even Anna. I hardly got to see her for so many years.

Nick: Elsa, I… I guess it’s safe to say we’re both alike in some ways. We both had a sad time in our childhood.

Elsa: Wait, I think I might know where Anna is!

Episode 8: Act of True Love

Nick follows Elsa to the Theater District, where she corners a creep with her ice.

Elsa yells “Where’s Anna?” at the creep. He claims Anna escaped.

Elsa couldn’t take it anymore and freezes the creep.

Nick tells her she should’ve kept him alive to interrogate him more.

Nick begins to feel terrible until he sees Elsa run into the theater, and out with Anna.

Nick: The Theater District? How’d you know she’d be here?

Elsa: Our sad childhood stories reminded me of a sad play Anna and I were gonna see.

Nick: So if she DID escape like the creep said, she would meet you at the latest point.

Nick: That’s some quick thinking. The ZPD could use someone like you on the force.

Elsa: Oh. I’d love to help you! Except right now, the play is about to start.

Campaign “Finding Anna” complete.

“Frostbitten Pawpsicles” unlocked.

So, you finally got around to making that friendship huh? :grin:

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Yep, and believe me. I was itching to make this when you announced the contest.

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Since their is not much to judge and the deadline on it’s way. I am going to extend the deadline from July 30th to August 31st to give you all more time.

I guess I’ll make one because I have nothing better to do.

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Same here I’ll make one now

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Campaign: do you fear the red flower
King Louie/Davy Jones
dialogue_davy_jones dialogue_king_louie

Allies: goofy, li Shang, magica

King Louie and Davy Jones are now friends

Friend dialogue lv 1

Louie: so your the famous pirate Davy Jones, crazy

Jones: What do ye want ya banna eatin’ fleabag

Louie: harsh but true, tell me mr. Jones your a man are you not

Jones: I am a monster that used to be a man

Louie: good that’s good, how do You make the red flower

Jones: only if he tell me this, do you fear death?

Episode 1: Primate complications

Jones: so do you fear death or do you not?

Louie: I fear running out of bananas

Jones: I’ll teach you if you tell me

Louie: well, I almost died and I was terrified

Jones: I’ll take that as a yes, but you can join my crew When we are done

Louie: nah I’m good

Episode 2: learning with a squid

Jones: first you need to be a man to wield fire

Louie: red flower

Jones: ugh fine call it that

Louie: you need to call it that to man

Episode 3: rule number one

Jones: first you need to learn to fight

Louie: look those creeps

Jones: well, easier than fighting that blasted cap’n jack sparrow

Episode 4: now the fun part

Louie: that was easy

Jones: gets easier every time

Louie: now what

Jones: you find what you burn

Episode 5: time to monkey around

Jones: now you do this to…, hey, that blasted creep took my stuff

Louie: grr, no one steals from a friend of king louie’s, come and get it you purple freak

Jones: well, at least he’s a fighter

Episode 6: flower power

Jones: that was intense, you don’t even need fire, or as you say, the red flower.

Louie: no I need it, I am a fighter who can shake up things, right

Jones, eh, more or less

Episode 7: swinging time together

Jones: okay I’m gonna teach you now

Louie: hooray

Jones: now here we go

Episode 8: Learning at last

Louie: thanks for teaching me mr. Jones

Jones: well now I’m rid of you, goodbye old friend

Louie: this king of the swingers is going back to the jungle

Jones: my offer still stands, would you like to join my crew

Louie: nah, it’s time to part ways after this last fight

Sorry for necroposting, but can the concept be unlikely?

Yes, it can be anything as long as it G or PG

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