That's What Friends Are For: Friendship Campaign Making Contest

Greeting and salutations to all forumer and welcome to…


The contest to to see who is the best of the best when it comes to making friendships.

This post is strictly for explaining the rules and regulation, and to answer any question that any of you might have.

Let’s get started



Judging the winner will be decided upon the following critera:

  1. Strength of the Friendship: Finding middle ground for your two characters are essential, before you make your campaign, you must figure out what they have in common (even if it’s tiny) or find a situation that you think would be interesting for the two.

  2. Quality over Quantity: Like most of your posts, it’s the thought that count. You as the creator must take the time to think about what your characters will say and do beforehand. Write it down on a piece of paper or use microsoft or whatever you use to write if it helps

  3. Trueness of the Character: The characters must stay true to themselves or your campaign is not going to work very well. Which means no out of character moments.

  4. Creativity: I think this goes without saying, i think creativity is the most important part when making a friendship campaign. Let your imagination take flight.


Unlike concepts, friendship campaigns have a very simple format to follow:


Name of Campaign


Image of character

Image of character

Unlock Dialogue (Optional)

Episode 1: name of episode


Events that are important (up to 5)


Episode 2: name of episode

Event of importance (1-5)


And just keep following pattern of Episode 2 until you get Episode 8

Rules and Regulations:

  1. You can submit likely campaign, unlikely campaign, and… yes, even a campaign for a third friendship is allowed (characters from movies/TV shows with a rating of G to PG only and video games with a rating of E to E10 only)

  2. As always, no foul language, racials slurs, or profanity of any kind

  3. You can only submit ONE ENTRY. Any other entries you make will not count.

  4. No Youtubers, sports mascots, OCs or anyone from the forum.

  5. No bashing or heckling of others concepts. We are here to build up not tear down.

  6. FOLLOW THE FORMAT! those who do not follow the format or turn in an unfinished campaign will not count.

  7. And most important, dont forget to have fun.

Time and Date


I understand that making a friendship campaign takes alot of time.

So, in all fairness the contest will start on June 1st and will end on July 30th (world friendship day). So that give you well over two months or so to plan, write, and submit your entry.

If there any questions about anything at all. Just let me know ahead of time



And what are the friend campaigns for? The characters that already exist in the game or not?

Made up friend campaigns duh

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Anyone you like as long it follows guidlines, they can be in the game, not in the game, from disney, not from disney, from a movie, tv show, video game. Are you seeing where i am going with this?

Wow very free range

Not really, as you can see in the rules, i have, excluded youtubers, sports mascots, OCs, and anyone from the forum.

Why? Do think i should put in Character that are rated G to PG?

Excuse me, while this idea is certainly interesting, I have a few questions.

  1. Are you the sole judge? Because I kinda onject to solo judge contests…

  2. This Format is flawed, where do you want the Unlock dialogue, and do you want descriptions per segment of episode, or just the title and conversation?

To answer your judge question, maybe, if i can reach a friend of mine and join me in the judges table.

And to answer your unlocking dialog question, i going to put that as opitional. And yes the decription of the episode is what important events of the episodes are.

Ookey Dokey then, we have are panel of judges and we are all set. I will create another post where you can put your entries on June 1st.


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Are we allowed to copy-paste one of our previous stories?

Sure, if you recently made it, i don’t see why not.

Can I create a campaign for one of my concepts?

Sure, you can. I do it for mine concepts

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