The Avatar Tournament. (Season 3)

Avatar Tournament(S3)/ FAC#3
So I and @Rinoxeronte Welcome You to the Forum Avatar Contest Season 3!
Welcome to the… FAC #3!!!

You thought it, right? I know you did it


  • Now Forumers will not eliminate rather they are going to vote for what they like.
  • Vote for the favourite 3 of your avatars.
  • Only for the first round, a participant with least votes will get eliminated.
  • And the votes will be counted as points for forumers.
  • For e.g : If you got 20 votes in the 1st round and 15 votes in the 2nd round,Your points will be recorded as 35.
  • How will anyone get eliminated?
    Answer to this question is that we will launch the points table after each round and the bottom 2 of the points table will get out of the competition.
  • And after each rounds your no. of votes will be added to your score in pointstable.

NOTE: I had really tried hard for making you all happy. Please give your ideas about what could be a possible improvement in Our Game :slight_smile:


  • Vote For Your Favourite Avatar So They Gain Points Each Round
  • You may not copy submissions
  • No alts may vote in the polls.
  • Avatar can be of any theme
  • If You Get In Game/Forums PMs About saying you bad words then Please Ignore it!
    After Entering The Contest,You will be unable to retreat
  • Note: If any participant(s) are caught violating the rules,their submission will directly get eliminated and they will be out from the current on-going contest
  • No. Of Rounds will be dependent on No. Of Participants
  • Submissions Start At 7 Feb 6 PM CT
    And will end when satisfactory amount of submissions are made!
  • Polls wont be anonymous.
  • Submissions will be anonymous! And When You Send Me Your Avatar through PM then Make Sure You Name them too! In Points table The Name Of Your Avatar will only be included!

Thanks To @Rinoxeronte To Help Me! He will be cohosting the 3rd Avatar Tournament!
He may post Polls! and Update Points Table If I 'll be busy

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So Lets Start! I hope You Guys Will Participate! :slight_smile:
And Lets Begin and Lets See who win 1000$ virtually LoL.
Jokes Apart, Winner Will Be Given Many Congratulations and Some GIFs From Myside and others

Vote For Your Favourite :slight_smile:

Should Submissions be Anonymous? And Everyone will send their submissions Via PM
Tell Us What Do You think

  • Good idea
  • Nope…
  • I dont Know

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Nice change now that we actually have a lot of elimination games, something else is really nice.

Might wanna fix this to 7 february

I don’t mind having my name to my submission, but i have no objections if icons are properly described.

To you @AbuBakr_Umar or also to @Rinoxeronte ?


To Me Only. :slight_smile:


Submissions can be sent now through PMs.
Note You Can Send Me Via Discord PM too!

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Added! If There was any confusion!

You have to send it to @AbuBakr_Umar in a PM (it´s a new rule) (don´t forget to put a name to the avatar when you send it)

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Oh yeah I forgot.


Keep Submitting Guys!

Total submissions will be 20-24 Only( Group of 10 -12and 10-12) So Submit Fast before The Limits and Seats Get Full!


Please keep submitting!

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Just reviving for remember you for submitting :eyes:


Oooh, completely forgot about that… :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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Weel this is how submissions will look (this is mine so I´m not revealing anyone submission) (please keep the name short)
Captura de pantalla (697)


Same :sweat_smile:

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Now group #1 is completed! (if the groups are of 10 then the group 2 has 2 avatars and if the groups are of 12 there is 0 avatar in group #2)


Where? I didn’t see that?

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I just keep you updated, the submissions are sent in a PM so you can´t know

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Thinks what to put to revive


Come and join the feast

images (1)

And make a great icon!!!

Send it to @AbuBakr_Umar


Thanks for the idea!

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