The Best Friend of Meilin Lee (Likely Concept)

This is my first concept, so please let me know what I can do better.


“We love you girl, panda or no panda.”
Hero Type: Control


Basic Attack: Miriam sings into her microphone, just like Meilin Lee’s basic attack, but it instead heals her, not damage enemies.
Entrance: Miriam walks in and dusts her microphone off before getting ready to battle.
Victory: Miriam puts on her 4-Town merch on and crosses her arms.
Defeat: Miriam accidentally drops her microphone and looks down sadly.


White Skill: Beatbox Bash
Miriam beatboxes, sending shockwaves to the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies and knocking back the front-most enemy.

Green Skill: 4-Town Forever!
Miriam starts to sing a 4-Town song, charming the enemy with the most HP, and healing the ally with the least HP.

Blue Skill: What’s With You?
Miriam insults 2 random enemies, stunning, silencing, and dealing X damage to those 2 enemies.

Purple Skill: Friendly Encouragement
When an ally reaches 0 HP, Miriam cheers on that ally to keep fighting, reviving that hero to half of their HP. (This can only be used once)

Red Skill: Pro Beatboxer
Beatbox Bash now heals all allies 100 HP when a wave goes through them, and now also does twice the damage.


Meilin Lee- 4-Townies!
4-Town Forever now heals twice the HP and charms a second enemy.

Powerline- Pop Sensation
Miriam’s Basic Attack now does damage, and knocks back the closest enemy.


Pretty good concept! Maybe you could include a picture of the character? Besides that, it’s pretty good for a beginner! :+1:


For some reason it always told me I couldn’t “embed media into post.”

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To do this, You must go up to trust_level_1. Complete it in PM “Greeting!”


That’s cool

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Who is miriam btw nice conceot

It’s a character from turning red, like Meilin Lee.

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Great concept!! I think you did very well!!

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Great concept.

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Thank you shadow man 16

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Which one thoe

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