The Bouncing Energetic Tiger, TIGGER! (Character Concept!)

Ever since I did my Winnie The Pooh Concept (if you wanna check that out here’s a link :smiley: Winnie The Pooh-Character Concept) I feel like I could do more of Winnie the Pooh’s Friends starting with tigger!

Tigger is a :star::star: Damage.

With Tiggers optimistic spirit and adrenaline he can knock enemies out of the park and help allies in the process

Trial Team: Red
HP: 40k
Basic Damage: 4300
Reality: 900
Armor: 4200
Tenacity: 80

”Bouncing is what Tiggers do best!”

Entrance: Tigger pounces into Battle! Like this

Victory: Tigger pounces and dances happily. Like This

Defeat: Tigger cries sadly. Like this

White: Bouncing Adrenaline!
Passive: Everytime Tigger uses his active Tigger decreases energy needed to activate all allies active (White Skill) this can’t activate Everytime Tigger’s uses his active once the passive is activated all allies must use there active in order for the passive to activate again.

Active: Tigger bounces around the battlefield dealing X damage to all enemies and stunning the enemies with the most HP for x seconds.
Stun has a chance to fail against enemies level X or higher

Green: The Masked Offender
Tigger’s Ego grows in the face of danger, Tigger plays off himself as the superhero “The Masked Offender” and goes to the frontline for 7 Seconds dealing 20% more damage for 4 seconds.
This skill can only be used every 7 seconds

Blue: Tiggerization!
The weakest Ally gets “Tiggeraized” by Tigger for 5 seconds all allies that are “Tiggeraized”
Gain X armor, X Reality and X Skill power. All allies who are ”Tiggeraized” Increase the Max energy of Tigger.
Effect is reduced on allies X level or higher
Tigger can not do this to himself
This skill can only be used every 10 seconds.

Purple: Ridickerous!
Tigger has increased armor Everytime a critical attack is done to him.


Winnie The Pooh -Tigger
Best Pals
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Vanellope
Ridickerous” Now increases all healing done to Tigger.

Adrenaline Burst
Tigger - Dash
Allies: Goofy, Sulley and Boo and Alice
The Masked Offender” Also increases Tiggers attack speed by X.

Arching Stuff
Tigger - Robin Hood
Allies: Merida, Gaston and hercules
Tigger now deals critical damage to all High HP enemies when using “Bouncing Adrenaline

I hope you all enjoyed this concept had to do a lot of research for this one! But I think it came out alright hope you all enjoyed reading I will make more Winnie the Pooh concepts soon!:grin:


So you mean that he increases conservation?