The cinnamon scented magician (Cookie Run Concept)

Here’s something I haven’t done in a while, a cookie run concept that I hope you all will enjoy! If not, then that’s fine…I just make these concepts for fun (also…this concept will take advantage of the newest disable to come to the game)

Cinnamon Cookie


Stars: :star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Damage
Trial team: Red

“Think of a card…”

This cinnamon scented cookie’s various card tricks damages foes while amazing his allies in the process


Entrance: A burst of cards comes from the ground which reveals cinnamon cookie as he taps his wand on his hat.

Victory: Cinnamon Cookie takes a bow as he puts his hat on his head

Defeat: Cinnamon Cookie falls onto his chin as he drops his hat

Basic attack: Cinnamon Cookie tosses a card out of his head, dealing X damage

Cinnamon bunny’s basic attack: Cinnamon bunny throws a Cinnamon bomb at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: Hectic Tricks

Cinnamon Cookie performs one of three card tricks against the enemy team, each card trick has a different effect on the enemy team or the ally team.

The card tricks that cinnamon cookie can perform are as follows.

Sky tricks: cards fall from the sky onto both teams. allies gains 27% energy and X crit power from each card that they gain, each enemy is dealt X damage overtime for 5 seconds and are also inflicted with shattered for 10 seconds

Fountain tricks: a fountain of cards shoots from the ground below the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies, decreasing their critical power by 45% and having a 40% chance to inflict “shattered” onto each enemy.

Destructive trick: explosive cards fly at the enemy team, dealing X damage overtime for 5 seconds and draining 15% energy per second.

Green: From the hat

Cinnamon Cookie taps his hat twice and then tosses a bunch of cards from his hat at the enemy team, Dealing X damage overtime for 10 seconds, blinding each enemy for 7 seconds and increasing the duration of any “Shattered” on an enemy if they already have been inflicted with “Shattered”

Blue: Cinnamon bunny

At the start of every wave, cinnamon bunny enters the battlefield alongside cinnamon cookie. Cinnamon bunny attacks by throwing cinnamon bombs at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and inflicting the foe with “Shattered” for 7 seconds.

Purple: Cinnamon-scented

Cinnamon Cookie’s cinnamon scent charms any foe that comes near cinnamon cookie for 5 seconds.

Red: Watch closely

Each foe that has “Shattered” on them now now have a 45% less chance to gain positive buffs for as long as they have shattered on them

Any disable on an enemy now decreases the reality of each foe. If the disable is “Shattered”, the foes reality and evasion if decreased by 45%.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Hectic Tricks”
+X reality


Cinnamon Cookie/Dr. Faciler
Cards of villainy
“Shattered” steals HP

Enemies inflicted with “Shattered” now have 25% HP stolen from them and given to cinnamon cookie.

Cinnamon Cookie/Merlin
Foreseeing cookie
increased damage over time

The damage dealt by damage over time is now increased by X amount per second.


What a cute concept. Your Cookie Run concepts somehow make me happy.

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