The Crocodile With Skills (Super Smash Bros. Concept 2/5)

King K. Rool, :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Red.
Quote: “Bahaha!”
Description: This crocodile can take a break and fight someone else for a change instead of D.K. or any other Smash fighter.
Entrance: King K Rool will fly in and then land in place.
Victory: King K. Rool will dance for joy.
Defeat: King K. Rool shoots his cannonball gun and the cannonball will suddenly turn around and hit his face, causing him to tumble over.
Basic Attack: King K. Rool will punch an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Cannonball Blast.
King K. Rool will grab his cannonball gun and shoot an enemy, dealing X damage and stunning for Y seconds.

Green Skill: Belly Bonk.
King K. Rool smacks his stomach, taunting enemies, giving a chance for allies to attack enemies without being attacked, for Y seconds.

Blue Skill: King K. Krown.
King K. Rool will throw his crown at an enemy, dealing X damage and silencing an enemy for Y seconds.

Purple Skill: Polished Crown.
King K’s blue skill deals 50% more damage and will silence enemies for Y% more seconds.

Red Skill: Brass Knuckle Punch.
King K’s basic attack deals 80% more damage.
-Speed increases by 50% for 10 seconds.
-Defense increases by 35% for 15 seconds.

Friendship 1: King K. and Ridley.

Campaign Story: Sinister Two. “King K. and Ridley are searching for a special golden banana.”
Disk: Defense Dragon.
When Belly Bonk is in use, King K. is granted a shield that lasts for Y seconds.

Friendship 2: King K. and Randall.
Campaign Story: Scaled Stompers. “Randall is showing King K. how to scare children.”
Disk: Scare Senior.
King K. will not be targeted as much by enemies.

If you enjoyed this, somehow, that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unlikely Because It’s Not Disney But I Like It.

Plz do Terry Bogard or Banjo And Kazooie next

You Second Concept Was One That You Said.

i’ll do Terry and Banjo.

Yay! Those are my favorites!

Maybe include what “Taunting” does in the game :unamused:

ok, i will!
Thanks for telling me something to include

9/10, main in smash, now it’s my main favorite in your concept book

tbh, Isabelle is my main favorite in Smash lol

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