Nintendo character wall

This is the wall of mine and Xavier’s Nintendo characters.
Nintendo characters part 1 (sonic)
Nintendo character concept part 2(Wario)
King Dedede Hero Concept (Super Smash Bros. Concept 1/5)
The Crocodile With Skills (Super Smash Bros. Concept 2/5)
The Bear and his Bird (Super Smash Bros. Concept 3/5)
The Longest Wanted Character (Super Smash Bros. Concept 4/5)
A Biter of a Plant (Unlikely Concept 5/10)

you forgot one. My piranha Plant

Oh sorry I’ll add it

it’s fine, we all make mistakes.

There we go.

ok, that’s better.

Waluigi is finsihed

Ok.ill add him to da wall

Off about this stuff in chat

How about duck hunt dog? My predictions: white: nes zapper shot green: hogans alley blue: wild gunman purple: nes zapper posse(final smash) red: Laughing dog

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