The devil's favorite....cookie? (October concept)

Devil cookie

Stars: :star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Control
Trial team: Red

“May luck be on MY side!”

Devil cookie’s trickery comes out in the battlefield as he unleashes heck onto the enemy team with devilishly fizzy delight.


Entrance: devil cookie flys into the battlefield and to his position as he let’s out a taunting laugh

Victory: devil cookie chuckles at the enemy team’s failure before full-on laughing and taunting then by pointing his pitchfork

Defeat: devil cookie falls onto his face as his pitchfork falls as well

Basic attack: devil cookie launches a flaming spectral jelly at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Devilish rune (Fantastic Damage)

Passive: devil cookie gains a stack of “spectral” for each basic attack he deals to an enemy.

Each 3 stacks of “spectral” makes the effects of “devilish rune” by 2 seconds.

Active: devil cookie summons the devilish rune below the enemy team, the rune deals X damage overtime for 5 seconds (with 2 more seconds being added per each 3 stacks of “spectral” on him) and slowing 100% of the movement and attack speeds of each enemy for those same seconds.

Green: Taste my pitchfork! (True damage)

Devil cookie rushes to the nearest scared enemy and stabs them with his pitchfork, dealing X damage to the enemy and slowing the enemy’s attack speed by 50%

Blue: Super devil (Fantastic damage)

When devil cookie gets ko’ed, he turns into a super devil and rushes through the enemy team, dealing X damage overtime to each enemy and scaring each enemy for 7 seconds.

Devil cookie than returns to his original position, heals himself by X amount per each stack of spectral on him and making him invincible for 9 seconds.

Purple: face the DREAD

All scares on enemies have a 40% chance to slow the scared enemy by 20% per each second of each scare.

Red: Luck on MY side

Devil cookies fantastic crit is increased by 45% whenever he defeats an enemy with “devilish rune”

“Taste my pitchfork!” Now deals X extra true damage whenever he aims for the same scared enemy twice.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Taste my pitchfork!”
+X normal crit


Devil cookie/Dr. Faciler
Lesson in shadowery
Scaring increases fantastic crit

Each scare dealt to an enemy now increases devil cookie’s fantastic crit by 20%

Devil cookie/Mushu
Wish of the red dragon
"Taste my pitchfork!" Lowers reality

“Taste my pitchfork!” Now lowers the reality of the target enemy by 45%

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