The disappointing lack of Discord Server in 2023

Here we are again!

Another year has passed and something still seems missing, something that can stick the whole DHBM community as a whole in one place, something in practically every game now, a Discord Server!

All other games have a discord server and it makes the game as a whole more alive, it feels that there are real players which whom anyone can chat with them, share experiences of the game, and have fun. Discord is an app which almost everyone uses on a daily basis and it’s very easy to use.
The data on the internet (no comment on how close it is to truth), shows that there been 50k new downloads of DHBM in November, but where are these new players? It just looks like they are nowhere, kinda sad. Disney Mirrorverse and Disney Sorcerer’s Arena have Discord servers and it makes these games more alive, with more players, and with a bigger active community which can help each other, it creates the game’s experience much easier and faster, and people are finding guilds much faster on Discord servers, as well finding guides and tier lists, YT community can also post their videos to help players. There are sometimes people coming questioning which heroes are bad, or why one feels much weaker, just showing that in-game (global especially) chats are failing and just don’t do the thing. Discord is also a great way to keep communication between players and the devs, which isn’t the biggest now, or ever was.

To pin to the previous statement: ‘‘Disney Sorcerer’s Arena’’ - despite having 5x fewer downloads in November (10k), due to the discord server - the community of players and devs seems way more alive, it’s easier for new players to get help.

And now it seems like a perfect time to create a Discord server, Portal Quest is discontinued, and now there is only DHBM, and as far on the PerBlue page it looks like there is a new game coming ‘‘Twisted Towers’’, there can be another easy solution for this, creating Discord server for a PerBlue as a whole, one server for all PB games!

You, PB, keep trying to say that DHBM isn’t dying, but the community seems dying smaller, the activity on the forums is much lower than a year ago and past that. Some players aren’t even aware of the forum or don’t like using it. Discord Server would definitely put most if not all DHBM community together in one place, truly showing that there is life here, that the future is bright and there are new people coming, where also veterans can help these new players and have all-that-fun. It will be very helpful to all players, old and new alike.

So please, PB, create a Discord Server for DHBM. Awake the players and the community as a whole together.
@Nugget @Loutre


Nope, no Discord server for DH. It would need a lot of approvals which we do not want to waste resources and time to get and would take much more tasks away from our small team as is so no Discord. As I’ve said many times before.


Just gonna close this as well since the title seems very misleading and is about requesting a Discord server not a lack of communication.

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