The elf with the van (remake-cept)

happy new years eve everyone! Today’s concept will be a remake of an old concept i did in the past (AKA, a remake-cept)! I hope you all enjoy!

Barley Lightfoot

2 star, mid-line support

“It’s a wizard staff. Dad was a wizard!”


Entrance: barley rides into the battlefield in his van Guinevere and then hops out as the van dissapears (until G0)

Victory: Barley jumps up with his fist in the air

Defeat: Barley gets a shocked look on his face as he drops his book

Basic attack: Barley throws a card at a target foe, dealing X damage


White: Onwards

Barley calls his allies to adventure, increasing the attack and skill power of all allies by 100%, making them invincible for 5 seconds and making them immune to knockbacks for the duration of the invincibility.

Green: Guinevere

At the start of each wave, Barley rides through the enemy team in his van. Dealing X damage to each enemy he passes through and knocking each enemy back.

Blue: Hearts fire

Barley encourages the ally with the least HP to speak from their hearts fire, increasing the duration of all buffs to that ally and making all of their attacks deal crit damage for 10 seconds.

Purple: Book of yore

Allies gain 20% armor and 20% attack power for each second that they are invincible.

Red: Not a screw-up

Barley’s basic attack now inflicts a random debuff to each enemy that gets hit by the cards.

The ally effected by “hearts fire” now gains a shield for X amount when they have more than 3 buffs on them.
+X damage to basic attack
+X armor
+X max HP


Barley Lightfoot/Ian Lightfoot
Quest of yore
longer invincibility

Invincibility given by “onwards” is now 1 second longer for each buff on an ally.

Barley Lightfoot/Belle
Destroyed book
crit damage steals energy

All crit damage dealt to enemies now steals 25% energy from that enemy.

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