The evil doctor who shouted no!(unlikely concept)

requested by @Grim_Grinning_Alt

Dr. Evil

2 star, backline control

“How about no!”

Dr. Evil lives up to his name with his assassins and brilliant schemes


Entrance: Dr. Evil rolls into the battlefield in his chair with wheels

Victory: Dr. Evil laughs loudly

Defeat: Dr. Evil freezes himself and launches away in a big boy rocket

Mustafa’s defeat: mustafa falls into a open fire pit as it then closes

Basic attack: Dr. Evil shoots a harpoon at the closet enemy, dealing X damage

Mustafa’s basic attack: Slices the nearest enemy with an egyptian sword, dealing X damage


White: the fez-wearing assassin

Dr. Evil calls in his fez-wearing henchmen Mustafa to fight with him, Mustafa has X HP and deals X damage with his basic attack.

Green: deadly fire pit

Dr. Evil presses a button which activates a trapdoor that leads to a firepit below the enemy with the highest HP, this instantly ko’s the enemy and scares any enemy near the fire pit for 5 seconds.

Blue: how about no!

When a enemy is about to deal a critical hit to one of his allies, he denies the ally from being damaged from the crit which deals X damage to the enemy dealing the crit and also silencing the enemy that deals the crit for 5 seconds.

Dr. Evil can only activate this skill every 4.5 seconds before it has to cooldown.

Purple: Surrounded by flipping idiots

Dr. Evil is now immune to crits whenever he is under 40% of his max HP.

Red: Operation death star

All silences and scares done to enemies now decreases their armor by 100% for the same seconds that they scared or silenced.

“How about no!” Steals X energy from the enemy that tried to deal critical damage and gives it to the ally who was targeted by the crits.
+X damage to “How about no!”
+X max HP
+X skill power


Dr. Evil/Megavolt
Mastermind’s Mojo
mustafa gets called back when ko’ed the first time

When mustafa is ko’ed in the battlefield the first time, Dr. Evil instantly brings mustafa back to the battlefield.

Dr. Evil/Kim Possible
The spy who rivaled me
disables last longer

All disables done by Dr. Evil now last 3 seconds longer.


Missing a variable

Same as above

Energy should never be a variable, it needs to be specified

Other than that, was this concept bad?


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Is he from Star Trek,he looks like he is but I could be wrong

Nope, Austin Powers.

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Ohh,he just looked like a star trek character :man_shrugging:

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