The experimental ranger


A 2 star, mid-line damage

“Whoa! Full-scale? Buzz, listen to your trusty partner when I say, maybe we’ve overlooked a little thing I like to call negotiation.”


Entrance:he flys down using his built-in jetpack

Victory:he puts his hands on his hips and smiles confidently

Defeat:he falls apart then his head frowns

Basic attack:fires a blast from one of the blasters that come from his back compartment, dealing x damage


White:chest blaster

XR brings out a giant blaster from his chest compartment and shoots it at the enemy with the highest armor, dealing x damage and blinding enemies for 4 seconds

Green:double shot

XR grabs out two blasters and shoots them at the two nearest enemies, dealing x damage to those two enemies

Blue:back together

When XR gets defeated the first time he rebuilds himself which heals him for x amount and gives a 20% attack power boost

Purple:robotic ranger

XR’s basic attack now deals damage overtime to enemies for 7 seconds.

Red:trusty partner

XR now takes 40% less damage from blinded enemies

“Back together” now gives XR a shield of x amount.


Rangers on duty
less damage from tanks

XR now takes less damage from tank enemies

faster when threatened

XR’s attack speed increases by 200% when his health goes down to 40%

I rerember him he is from buzz lightyear and the star command i remember i seen the show as a kid and had pc game based on the show

I like it, but I would call the white skill “XR, GUN!”. A quote from the movie.

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