The fire spirit (Likely concept)



Stars: :star:
Position: Mid-line
Role: Damage
Trial team: Blue


The fire spirit uses the power of flames to burn any enemy in his path


Entrance: Bruni bounces like a fireball to his position

Victory: Bruni catches a snowflake with his tongue.

Defeat: Bruni gets a sad look on his face

Basic attack: Bruni hops onto the head of the closet enemy while on fire, dealing X damage to the enemy.


White: Spread like Wildfire

Passive: bruni’s basic attack now deals damage overtime by X amount for 3 seconds per each basic attack.

Active: Bruni bounces between the enemy team while on fire, dealing X damage to each enemy he lands on, dealing X damage overtime for 7 seconds and having a 50% chance of sapping each enemy he lands on as well.

Green: Fireball

Bruni spits a fireball at the enemy with the most health, dealing X damage to the enemy, dealing X damage overtime for 6 seconds and knocking the enemy back.

Blue: Cooldown

Bruni cools himself down with a small pile of snow, healing himself for X amount, increasing the amount of damage he deals with his basic attack and “fireball” and shortens the duration of freezes on all allies by 4 seconds.

Purple: Flaming lizard

Bruni is immune to being dealt damage overtime. whenever an enemy deals out damage overtime to bruni, he instead absorbs it which heals him for X amount and increases his skill power by 25% per each absorbed damage overtime.

Red: Fire control

“Fireball” now deals X more damage and decreases the reality by 25% of any sapped enemy.

All damage overtime dealt to enemies now decreases their skill power and armor by 15% per each second that the damage overtime lasts.
+X skill power
+X damage to “Fireball”
+X reality


Power of spirits
Freezing countermeasures

If an enemy attempts to freeze an ally, they are instead dealt X damage overtime for 3 seconds.

On fire!
Increased healing

The healing done by “Cooldown” is now increased by 15% (25% if bruni heals more than X amount on himself)

When I saw this I fought It will be the fire spirit’s from clash royale but is bruni from frozen 2

Will this anaimation be long or short if it is short then PB Will be putting it in the hero’s menu

That will be the best

I love that picture!

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